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This game have 23 missions. You can't kill civilian. On map enemy is red, civilian is blue and your team is green.

Mission 1[edit]

This is tutorial for John Copper. Follow from your friend and do his order. When hi to rob you, save game. Go to the right on map and use your clock. After that, go to the friend, hit him, take your things and horse.

Mission 2[edit]

In this mission you must transport knock down Sam to the stable.You can use throwing knife and clock. When you throw a knife you must be near enemy and see him in red. After it you can use knife again. Sometimes, if you to far from enemy and don't see him in red, you only hurt him. When you near stable take him to water for wake up, take horses and go out from map.

Mission 24[edit]

Solution riddle on the picture (where put guys) Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive 24.png

Mission 25[edit]

Fight with El Diablo