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Ground Zero[edit | edit source]

The missile strike damaged the area outside, but there are a few soldiers in hiding.

The immediate threat is the sniper in the tower directly ahead. Hug the wall around the helipad, or take out the sniper from your current position. You will need to enter the tower to open the blast doors leading to Area 51, however, there are live LAMs at the first ladder from ground level.

When you approach the blast doors, Walton Simmons will approach from the Comm Building (if you haven't defeated him already). As with the last encounter, he will use a plasma rifle.

The hangar contains a few MJ12 troops, and an alternate route into the base though the vent.

If you enter by the front door, the camera in front will first try to trigger the alarm. There will also be two medium security robots on patrol. You would first need to activate power to the elevator past the right passage, then turning on the generator. The elevator can then be used to reach the inner facility.

If you want to enter by the vent, the cheapest way is to jump on top, and destroy the fan. When you jump down, you should land in water. If desired, you can swim deeper to reach a laser mod. Head down the side corridor to reach the elevator area, and the entrance to Area 51.

Entrance[edit | edit source]

The first room has a camera-triggered turret, and a blue laser grid. Jump over or disrupt the grid to avoid releasing mini-spider bots. However, the first generator will begin to signal an alarm as you approach - it will explode after a few seconds.

Morgan Everett will try to speak with you through the comm station. He will relay the code for the local crew area, 8946, and warn you about Tracer Tong. This code allows you to reach the barracks, and recreation. You can find a code here, 0169, that opens one of the beds in the barracks, where you can retrieve the Sector 3 key.

Proceeding further south leads to a group of soldiers, including a sniper. It also is the entrance to Sector 3. Use either the key, or use enough picks to clear the 90% door strength.

The first room in Sector 3 is an elevator leading down. However, an MJ12 soldiers and a MIB will come out of the elevator and prevent you from passing. Page will comment on your performance, based on how much damage you receive. You will also speak with Tracer Tong, and get briefed on his opinion about Area 51 - he wants it destroyed.

Reactor lab and Helios[edit | edit source]

Past the door is the coolant filtration and separation tank. While a few transgenics are on the ground level, the threat is from the catwalks above, with MJ12 soldiers, an MJ12 sniper, an MJ12 soldier with a GEP gun, and a MiB. They may be useful as a fleeing individual may open the blast door to the Aquinas hub; but if you can't get past the door yourself, you'll have to find other means.

You can find a multitool in the separation tank, which can single-handedly open the reactor lab door. There is also a datacube with the login (area51, bravo13) for the security terminal that can also open the reactor lab door. Avoid the spider bots patrolling outside the blast door, and the two Grays in the reactor lab, and speak with the mechanic overseeing the reactors to obtain the code; if he somehow dies, you can retrieve the code from a dead mechanic in the irridated section below.

Open the Aquinas hub door with the code 1038. Climb down the ladder, and take a left to go across the bridge (with an MJ12 Commando en-route). Head to the elevator in the hub, and go to the third floor, and speak with Helios. The AI will want to integrate with you, give it's reasons, and allows you to proceed to Sector 4. Return, but you will quickly encounter four MJ12 commandos attempting to attack. These commandos can destroy the two robots that Helios sends out, but it is more than enough to allow you to escape.

Head to the stairwell. You can get an image of Sector 4 from the dead mechanic, but will need to climb down the stairs to continue. At bottom of the stairs is a large spider bot. It can be destroyed with the TNT crates, or disabled by any EMP grenades you have left. If you can run past the spider bot, you can also collect a LAW launcher.

Either Gary Savage or Paul Denton will use the communicator to speak with you, and give a summary of the situation. Helios has already shutdown power to government buildings, and has order the removal of barricades and closures of the triads.

Bob Page[edit | edit source]

Your final task is to prevent Bob Page from entering power, by following any of the three options given. You cannot attack him directly, as he is protected by shielding. Regardless of which path you take, there are the following defenses:

  • Near bob page are two turrets, which activate as soon as you enter his room. Bob Page also radiates an EMP, which will drain your energy.
  • On the top and bottom floors are universal constructors that produce mini-spiderbots or transgenics. You can enter nearby room by picking or breaking the door, and pulling the switch to close the UC.

Join Illuminati[edit | edit source]

Before you meet with Bob Page, Alex will give you first three digits for the Blue Fusion units, 7243. The four fusion units are found:

  1. In the south-west corner of the upper floor. Note that activating this unit will release two guard bots, but you can plant traps to take them out.
  2. Directly below Bob Page, on the second floor, past the radiation room.
  3. Directly below Bob Page on the ground floor, on the east side of the center pillar.
  4. In the south-east corner, in the radioactive room.

Once all four devices are activated, head to the control room behind Bob page, and press the button. Bob Page will be killed.

Merge with Helios AI[edit | edit source]

The Aquinas Substation is located on the north-east corner of the first floor. Despite having two entrances, the safest option is from the ground floor, since you do no have to cross electric arcs. Because this is a dangerous section, you may want to

Almost as soon as the door to the room opens, two power stations explode and release electrical arcs all over the room. You will first need to disarm them by using multitools on the electric panel. Once the electric arcs stop, hack the terminal in the corner to open the door for the Aquinas Routers. Take the southern elevator to the second floor and the routers.

Activate the bandwidth channels on both sides of the room, then login to the computer with the username and password provided (or hack into it). Once the primary router is active, return to Helios and begin the integraion.

New Dark Age[edit | edit source]

The coolant substation is located in the north-west corner of the lower floor. If you don't have multitools to pick the lock, you can either find the code within the middle floor on the south-east corner of the room, approach the coolant by swimming underneath the door.

Press the button in the coolant control room, to allow the reactors to overheat. You can leave either by the water or through the front door; while there is a vent in the coolant control area, it only leads to the nearby room rather than outside (and it is a one-way vent.)

Return to the reactor labs. Deactivate the failsafes at the bottom of the reactors, then head to the control room. Activate the ion injectors one by one. The mechanic will realize what is going to happen, and will attack you with his pistol. The button to engage the reactor will be revealed, and you can destroy Area 51.

Skill points[edit | edit source]

Points Action
100 Reaching top of sniper tower
50 Entering the hangar and reaching the soldier
50 Getting on the roof above the soldier
50 Entering the secured area from the comm building
50 Activating the power to the elevator
50 Entering by the vent
Points Action
50 Exploring the recreation area
50 Retrieving Sector 3 key from barraks
50 Entering the floor vent (below Sector 5 communicator)
100 Reaching Sector 3 elevator
Points Action
100 Reaching reactor labs
100 Entering Aquinas hub section
50 Exploration: Opening the ammo locker near Helios.
50 Exploration: Opening the explosives locker on the Aquinas Hub stairwell.
50 Exploration: Opening the ammo locker near the spider bot.