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The character creation screen

There's a variety of choices to make while you're crafting your character. The following picture will show what kind of skills you can learn in Deus Ex. It should be noted that the PlayStation 2 version character creation uses the same principles as the PC version character creation, so everything here still applies.

Your code name by default is always JC Denton. You can type in whatever name you want for your real name, although it will not be said in-game (however, it will be shown in various datacubes, newspapers, bulletins, and emails). There are five different options you can choose from for your character's appearance. You only have a limited amount of skill points, so you must choose wisely; you can always downgrade a skill if you made a mistake. By default you already start with the trained pistol skill, but you can downgrade it if you like.

Below is a list of various skills, which is detailed more in the skills section. All of them have four standard levels: untrained (lowest), trained, advanced, and master (highest). Each upgrade takes a certain amount of skill points (which are earned throughout the game for various accomplishments, such as completing objectives or finding a certain area).

  • Computers: Used for hacking computers, accessing ATMs, and retrieving passwords.
  • Electronics: The higher the skill, the less multi-tools it takes to bypass an electronic device.
  • Environmental Training: Determines the player's resistance to environmental dangers such as toxic gases.
  • Lockpicking: The higher the skill, the less lockpicks it takes to bypass a lock.
  • Medicine: The higher the skill, the less healing items it takes to recover health.
  • Swimming: Measures how fast and how long the player can swim underwater.
  • Weapons (Demolition): Determines the player's skill with demolition weapons such as grenades.
  • Weapons (Heavy): Determines the player's skill with heavier weapons such as rocket launchers.
  • Weapons (Low-tech): Determines the player's skill with melee weapons such as the knife.
  • Weapons (Pistol): Determines the player's skill with smaller firearms such as the pistol.
  • Weapons (Rifle): Determines the player's skill with larger firearms such as the sniper rifle.