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Battery park[edit]

Agent Navarre will approach and brief you on the situation. You need to get inside Castle Clinton and locate the Ambrosia shipment.

The front entrance is covered by NSF agents, and you may have trouble getting past them. However, if you have a candy bar, you can look for a nearby boy to obtain the code 9183. To reach this entrance, use lockpicks to open the keypad (20%) and enter the code. The vending machine will open.

If you can't take this route, you will have to enter through the castle surface. The main entrance is heavily guarded, but you can also try moving the heavy metal crates in the southwest corner of the castle.

The ambroasia crate is located in the dock area. It is easily reachable from the front underground entrance, but the back route requires going through some guarded tunnels. There are vents that you can use to sneak past the enemies, including the one with a flame thrower.

Once you find it (and collect the augmentation canister from the control room), return to Anna Navarre for the next assignment.

Subway station[edit]

Anna Navarre will comment on how you completed the mission (either by avoiding contact or by killing). In a reply, you should choose "I'm learning as I go". She will inform you about the hostages in the subway, and give you two EMP grenades to deal with it (or one if you chose the other option.)

The front entrance is guarded by three NSF agents, and the main platform has various solders (including one with a flame thrower.) Crossing the beams without using the EMP grenades or hitting one of the TNT crates will kill the hostages.

There is an alternate entrance to the left of the main subway stairs. It allows you to sneak in one of the back routes, and tell the hostages to quickly enter the train.

Hell's Kitchen[edit]

Hell's Kitchen is the location in New York City that will be important later in the game. There are also several side quests as well. The main buildings are the Underworld (a bar), the 'Ton Hotel, and a Free Clinic.

Next to the alley between the hotel, two UNATCO Troops are wondering why they were issued Gas Grenades. You can collect three grenades from them.

'Ton Hotel[edit]

The 'Ton Hotel is a hotel within the middle of the city. When you try to enter, a UNATCO agent will stop you and question your business. He suggests that you should wait for a specialist because the NSF have taken hostages.

When you enter, you can speak with Gilbert Renton to ask him to leave the area. He resists, saying he can't leave it unattended, and that he'll close up in a few minutes; mainly because of an NSF terrorist nearby. Kill the terrorist, and Renton will mention there's two more NSF agents on the second floor. To neutralize them without civilian casualties, make noise (such as jumping) without entering their line of sight - they will seek you instead of killing the hostages.

Enter Paul's room and see what's going on. The painting hides a keypad, and a Datacube on the table shows the passcode as 4321. This opens a computer room, where you can get some details of the plot and some ballistic armor, ammo, and other supplies (health, lockpicks, etc.)

One of the hostages will mention that the NSF uses a password "righteous".

Free Clinic[edit]

The free clinic doesn't provide free healing as you would expect. However, you can head to one of the back examination room where you see a patient arguing with the doctor. Speak with the patient, and tell him that he should be more appreciative to the doctor. This gives you a discount if you need to purchase medikits.

There are also some people in the clinic that can give information about the warehouse.


This bar has a no-weapons policy.

The Underworld is a place where you can collect a bit of sidequests.

Sandra Renton is located in an alley behind the bar, and is being questioned by Johnny. She wants to back out, but he needs to be either killed or scared off for her to survive. By completing this, Sandra can tell you the password to Smuggler's location once she returns to the bar, and Janey will tell you the code for the warehouse elevator (3316).

Jock, a pilot, can tell you information about Smuggler, and Area 51, both of which are for a price of a beer..

Joe Greene also visits the bar, he is a reporter from the midnight sun.


Smuggler has set up some booby traps because he is afraid of government agents; in particular, they kidnapped his friend Ford Schick and took him to an underground lab within the NYC sewers. Saving him will give a discount for his equipment. However, once you speak with him at least once, the booby traps are no longer dangerous on later encounters.

The back entrance is located to the north east of the city, behind a basketball court. However, you can learn the password from Jock, or from Sandra.

Enter the sewers; the two entranes to the sewers are next to the subway, or in the middle alley. To get to the lab, you need to rotate the bridge using the username "MJ12" and password "coupdetat". (Note that it is the number '1' rather than the letter 'I'.)

The middle alley entrance is closer to the lab. The subway entrance requires crossing through laser tunnels, but has a few corpses where you can get two lockpicks, two multitools and a medikit.

Enter the lab either using the code you found on the bodies near the subway entrance (2167), or by using multitools.


The warehouse has two access routes - either the roofs or the ground. The roof has troops, while the ground has traps.

If you want to use an access ramp, a datacube in an alley will contain a code 2577.

To destroy the generator, shoot an explosive barrel nearby it, or hack into the system to take it out. If you climbed onto the roof of the warehouse, the easiest means to reach the computer room is to look for a small staircase on the ledge that is next to the downstairs ledge.

Head to the roof once complete.

Skill points[edit]

Battery Park
Amount Task
40 Entering Castle clinton's kiosk on first floor
50 Giving food to the kid within Castle Clinton.
20 Entering staircase between underground and central Castle Clinton
150 Locating the ambrosia
65 Entering NSF control room in Battery park
20 Entering NSF's back entrance
50 Entering the subway station
10 Returning to Agent Navarre.
300 Saving the hostages in the subway
Hell's Kitchen
Amount Task
65 Rescuing the hostages in the 'Ton hotel.
40 Entering Paul's computer room.
150 South-western exit from Underworld.
20 Reaching Smuggler
50 Central area within the sewers
50 Reaching path to underground lab
80 Escorting Ford Schick to the exit
50 Exploring a warehouse at ground level
50 Exploring first warehouse, via basement-roof elevator
50 Getting into the lab
Amount Task
30 Getting on the roof of first warehouse
30 Picking lock on first warehouse roof
20 Roof route, breaking a window and jumping across
30 Area location bonus, after breaking the window.
40 Area after electrified generator
20 Reaching the warehouse on the roof
500 Destroying the generator