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Deus Ex was released for the PC on June 22, 2000; it was then released for the Mac on July 7, 2000. On March 25, 2002, Deus Ex was released for the PlayStation 2 due to its high success on the PC. The PlayStation 2 version mostly contains graphical changes, while the game was renamed "Deus Ex: The Conspiracy". Several of the weapons, characters, and items have been re-designed, as well as several animations for characters.

One of the biggest changes, however, was the interface: the interface has been re-designed to fit with the console, just like the controls. Many of the PC and Mac levels have been re-designed, although most do not affect the gameplay overall. The PlayStation 2 version offers superior animation but worse graphics. Auto-aim was also very noticeable in the game, and several parts of levels have been cut from the game due to the PS2's RAM limitations; the cutscenes in the game are now pre-rendered.

Notice the interface differences and the look of the sniper rifle below: