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Name Base Damage Clip RoF Reload Description
Flame thrower 2* 100 napalm units 10 rounds/sec 5.5 seconds A flamethrower that fires napalm a short distance. Causes enemies to catch fire. *Actually 5 damage.
GEP Gun 300 1 rocket 0.5 rounds/sec 2.0 sec A weapon capable of firing guided rockets. Keep the target within the sights of the GEP gun to obtain a lock, and fire for a guided projectile. Takes regular rockets, or WP rockets (which inflict less damage, but cause nearby objects to catch fire.)
Light Anti-Tank Weapon 100* 1 shot N/A N/A Fires a rocket, which inflicts heavy damage with a large blast radius. *Actually 1000 damage.
Plasma Rifle 105* 12 rounds 2.0 rounds/sec 2.0 sec A heavy plasma rifle. Has a small splash. *Due to the mechanics of projectile fire the plasma rifle does 80 damage (40 per projectile). In versions containing multiplayer a glitch causes the plasma rifle to do 16 damage (8 per projectile).


Name Damage Clip RoF Reload Description
Assault Shotgun 20 12 shells Auto 1.4 Rounds/sec 4.5 sec An automatic shotgun. Can use buckshot for soft targets, or sabot to pierce body armor.
Assault Rifle 3 30 7.62 ammo Auto 10 Rounds/sec 3.0 sec An assault rifle that shoots 7.62mm bullets. It also has a 20mm grenade launcher which inflicts more damage but has a slow firing rate.
Sawed-off Shotgun 25 4 shells Single 3.3 rds/sec 3.0 sec A shotgun with a truncated barrel for additional damage.
Sniper Rifle 25 6 30.06 ammo Single 0.6 rds/sec 2.0 sec A long-ranged scoped rifle. Highly accurate, but slow firing.


Name Damage Clip RoF Reload Description
Mini-crossbow 25* 4 Single 1.2 rds/sec 2.0 src Fires either tranqualizer darts (which cause targets to eventually fall unconscious), darts (which only inflict damage), and flare darts (which illuminate a dark area). *Actually 15 damage for plain darts and 5 damage for others.
Pistol 14 6 10mm Single 1.6 rounds/sec 2.0 sec A small pistol.
PS20 25* 1 shot N/A N/A A plasma pistol that stores exactly one shot. *Due to the mechanics of projectile fire the plasma does 40 damage. In versions containing multiplayer a glitch causes the plasma to do 8 damage.
Stealth Pistol 8 10 10mm Single, 6.6 rounds/sec 1.5 sec A silenced pistol. Inflicts less damage per shot, but fires more quickly.


Name Damage Description
Baton 7 A police baton used to knock opponents unconscious.
Crowbar 6 A crowbar.
Knife 5 A knife used as a melee weapon.
Pepper Gun 0 Fires pepper spray, causing targets to be stunned. 4 second reload time, and short range.
Riot Prod 15 Stuns an enemy, and knocks them unconscious. Can hold 4 charges before needing a reload, and reloads in 3.0 seconds. Fires one charge per second.
Sword 10 A large melee weapon.
Dragon's Tooth Sword 100 A unique melee weapon which can kill most targets in one hit.


Name Damage Description
LAM 50* A thrown timed grenade, which may also be planted on a wall to trigger when enemies move close by. *Actually 500 damage.
Gas Grenade 0 Releases tear gas, which stuns humans within the area of effect.
EMP Grenade 0 Disables robots, and dissipates stored bioelectric energy.
Scramble Grenade 0 A thrown timed grenade used to scramble the AI systems of robots, causing them to attack all other NPCs.


Weapon mods improve the quality of weapons within the game. They are attached to one specific weapon, and are gone once the weapon is lost. An exception is when your weapons are confiscated, and you retrieve them from the armory. In this case your mods will have been taken off and you must reattach them.

The weapons listed below are the ones capable of being modded. Weapons with "N/A" in a category already have that feature built in. Mods cannot be used on melee weapons, demolitions, and one time use weapons (like the PS20 and LAW).

  • Accuracy: Improves weapon accuracy.
  • Clip: Increases clip capacity.
  • Laser: Provides a laser sighting to show where an accurate bullet will hit.
  • Reload: Improves reload time.
  • Scope: Adds a scope to the weapon. Note: having a scope attached but not using it decreases accuracy by 20% (unless a laser mod is turned on).
  • Recoil: Reduces recoil when firing a weapon.
  • Range: Increases the effective range of the weapon.
  • Silencer: Adds a silencer to the weapon, preventing enemies from hearing the weapon.
Weapon Accuracy Clip Laser Reload Scope Recoil Range Silencer
Assault Rifle Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Assault / Sawed-off Shotgun No Yes No Yes No Yes No No
Flame Thrower No No No Yes No No Yes No
GEP Gun No No No Yes Yes No Yes No
Mini-crossbow Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes N/A
Pistol Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Stealth Pistol Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes N/A
Plasma Rifle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Sniper Rifle Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes