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Resource logic modifier[edit]

Pressing Shift-C combination, some resources mention exact screen, on Amiga it works everywhere, modifies resource handling logic, to ease up on some items. All stations have 1 piece of any equipment you need. Stations get built from one piece only. You can use any equipment without pilot.

Send Battle IOS to station with less than enough fuel[edit]

Put 1t of fuel and send ios on the way, upon arriving to the methanoid occupied planet, status will change to FALLING. With that status you can dock to station and concquer it without one drone lost.

Leave one of the stations in any system unfinished[edit]

Make sure that you leave one station unfinished. Methanoid attack selection mechanism will wait indefinitely for the station to become operational. You will still get some attacks before random selection hits unfinished station though.

After wining the drone battle[edit]

After you win the drone battle the next thing you normally do is dock with the station. However, if you do not dock, but select time to pass, you can pass any timespan without Methanoid attack. Which means you can wait for some years without interruptions and get a lot of drones built up in the process.