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Different control settings can be chosen from the Options menu (accessed from the Title screen or in-game). Listed here are the default control settings (Type A).

Control Action
Start button Start game. Display sub-screen.
Select button Skip movie/cut-scenes. Pause and display Pause menu
Neutral dpad Menu Cursor
Neutral lstick Move Dante/Menu Cursor
Neutral rstick Toggle Thunder Devil/Fire Devil (after acquiring items)
Triangle button Cancel Selection. Jump/Action
Triangle button + Triangle button Double Jump (off an object). Air Hike (after acquiring Red Orbs)
R1 button (hold) + Triangle button Rolling Dodge
Circle button Sword or punch/kick attack
Circle button (hold) Round Trip (after acquiring Red Orbs)
Cross button Confirm Selection. Check
R1 button (hold) + Cross button Gun Attack
Triangle button + R1 button (hold) + Cross button Air Raid (as Alastor)
Square button Same as Cross button
L1 button Devil Trigger. Turn pages in sub-screen.
R1 button (hold) Turn pages in sub-screen. Lock on nearest enemy.
L2 button Display Map
R2 button Taunt Enemy