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Neutral dpad Moves Tamagon around the stage. Push in the direction that you would like Tamagon to move through the maze.
A buttonB button Allows Tamagon to breath fire when he is holding a cross or a book.
Start button Pauses the action in the game.
Select button Not used during game play.



Player 2

You control Tamagon as you guide him through the maze. Tamagon can move in four directions, and is free to move down any unobstructed path in the maze. He can not escape through the boundary on all sides of the screen, and must therefore take care not to get caught between the maze and a boundary or he risks getting crushed by the maze. Tamagon can eat all of the little dots that appear in the first stage of every round, but only as long as he's holding a cross or a book. Additionally, while holding a cross or a book, he can spit fireballs at the Devil's minions. Hitting a minion with a fireball turns them in to an eyeball, which Tamagon can then eat for extra points. Unlike books, crosses eventually wear out and must be replenished, but the supply on the stage is limitless. A red second player Tamagon can play simultaneously with the first player.



The Devil is this game's Donkey Kong so to speak. He represents an enemy that can not directly threaten you. What he does do, rather persistently, is direct his minions in which direction to scroll the maze. He points in one of four directions, and then the off-stage minions at the bottom of the screen proceed to scroll the maze in the devil's choice of direction. Beyond this, there is very little interaction between the Devil and Tamagon himself.



The Devil's minions are the immediate threat to Tamagon's survival. One touch from a minion will cause Tamagon to lose a life. Tamagon can easily turn the tables on these minions simply by picking up a cross or a book, which enables Tamagon to breath fire. Hitting a minion with a fireball reduces it to a stray eyeball, which Tamagon can catch and eat for bonus points. Whether eaten or just burned, the minions eventually return to their original form after a certain period of time and begin to chase Tamagon again.


Ice cream cone
Holy book
Bonus box

Each stage has a particular item that can or must be captured. In the first stage, four ice cream cones will appear and travel around the edges of the stage. Each cone can be caught and eaten for 800 bonus points. In the second stage the item in question, the holy book, is actually part of the goal for that stage. All four of the holy books must be deposited in a different side of the center square. And in the third and final stage, the goal is to pick up as many of the six bonus boxes as possible before time runs out.