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Maximum base character attributes[edit]

Attribute Warrior Rogue Sorcerer
Strength 250 55 45
Dexterity 60 250 85
Magic 50 70 250
Vitality 100 80 80


It's generally the main character for beginners, since this class is easy to control and maximize. Basically, you'll only need high strength and vitality, since magic isn't his forte and dexterity only will help you out with higher equipments. The warrior uses a close-range combat stance, differentiating between swords, axes and warhammers.

  • It's the class with the most variety of items in game.
  • It has the higher vitality, physical strength and defence in game.
  • Can receive a great amount of damage, since his attacks can only be performed at a close range.
Special ability

Self-repair: Warriors can repair their own items when they are close to crumble, but not with the same efficiency as the blacksmith.


The hardest class to manage, because his low defence and vitality does not help! Sorcerers will find a great difficulty in staying alive at the beginning of the game, since their spells will be very limited. You'll need to focus on spells and potions, otherwise you'll be doomed.

  • It deals the greater damage in game.
  • Some of his spells can hit a lot of monsters from a safe distance at the same time.
  • Can use a healing spell on himself or someone else.
  • It's an expensive class to train.
  • You will need to find a very good armour.
  • It has a low defence and vitality.
Special ability

Self-recharge: Sorcerers can recharge their own uncharged staves, but not with the same efficiency as the witch.


Basically the class between sorcerers and warrior, gaining both abilities. Rogues are generally archers, but they can become melee-fighters or magicians as well, you'll just have to work on her attributes.

  • Can use long-range weapons (bows and crossbows), without the concern of running out of ammo.
  • Her attributes are very balanced.
  • Her weapons aren't as devastating.
Special ability

Discard traps: Rogues can discard any traps in game.