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Attribute Initial value Maximum value
Strength 30 250
Magic 10 50
Dexterity 20 60
Vitality 25 100

It's generally the best character for beginners, since this class is easy to control and maximize. The Warrior excels in hand-to-hand combat, so the best weapon for him is undoubtedly a sword, accompanied by a shield in the other hand. However, if you manage to equip a good armor, you can also give up the shield and use the axes or war hammers, to increase your attack power. The attributes that should be most upgrades are obviously Strength and Vitality, in order to be able to use the best weapons and armor and to resist the inevitable wounds of hand-to-hand combat. Dexterity and Magic are of little importance. As for spells, the only ones that can serve a Warrior are Healing, to restore vital energy without using potions and the always useful Town Portal. In the beginning, Holy Bolt can also be useful and it is always better to keep a Scroll of Phasing, in case you get surrounded. Better to sell the other magical books instead.

  • It is the class that can use the greatest variety of equipment.
  • Easy to control and upgrade.
  • It has the higher vitality, physical strength and defence in game.
  • Can receive a great amount of damage, since his attacks can only be performed at a close range.
  • It can only use the most basic spells.

Special ability
Self-repair: Warriors can repair their own equipments when they are close to crumble, but not with the same efficiency as the blacksmith (maximum durability is reduced).


Attribute Initial value Maximum value
Strength 20 55
Magic 15 70
Dexterity 30 250
Vitality 20 80

Basically the class between Sorcerer and Warrior. The Rogue specializes in the use of the bow, which allows her to strike enemies from a distance with great speed, avoiding the damage of hand-to-hand combat. She hardly needs other weapons. The attribute that a Rogue must upgrade the most is undoubtedly Dexterity, necessary to wield the best bows, while the other attributes are more or less of equal importance. With regard to the spells to be learned, in addition to those already listed for the Warrior, a Rogue can find useful Firebolt, Lightning and other spells with a not excessive consumption of Mana, to support the arrows. Better to sell the most powerful spellbooks instead.

  • Can use long-range weapons (bows and crossbows), without the concern of running out of ammo.
  • Her attributes are very balanced.
  • Can avoid wounds from hand-to-hand combat.
  • Her weapons are less powerful than swords and her magical skills are still much inferior to those of a sorcerer.

Special ability
Discard traps: Rogues can discard any traps in game.


Attribute Initial value Maximum value
Strength 15 45
Magic 35 250
Dexterity 15 85
Vitality 20 80

The hardest class to manage, but if used correctly, it can also be the most devastating. Basically, a Sorcerer must always and exclusively focus on magic. The only weapon suitable for a Sorcerer is a magical staff. Except in special cases, this staff should not be used to attack enemies directly, but for its magical charges. Any other weapon is useless in a Sorcerer's hand. The attribute that a Sorcerer must enhance the most is absolutely Magic, which allows him to cast spells much more effective than a sword or a bow. The other attributes should only be upgraded enough to be able to use decent equipment and to survive in the early stages of the game. For spells to learn the speech is easy: all those you can and also try to enhance them as much as possible. However, there is one in particular, which must be learned as soon as possible, that is Mana Shield. Thanks to it, the damage you take from enemies will not be subtracted from your life energy, but from your Mana. After learning it you will have to use it constantly and at this point the Vitality will no longer be of any use, you can only focus on Magic.

  • It deals the greater damage in game.
  • Some of his spells can hit a lot of monsters from a safe distance at the same time.
  • Can (and must) avoid wounds from hand-to-hand combat.
  • It is the most difficult class to use, at least for beginners.
  • It is very easy to die at first, due to low defence and vitality
  • It is an expensive class to train, as you have to go often to the town to recharge magic staves or buy potions.

Special ability
Self-recharge: Sorcerers can recharge their own uncharged staves, but not with the same efficiency as the witch (total charges are reduced).