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Something you need to know about the game is that any class can use any item in the game. That means a sorcerer can use swords as much as the warrior can use a staff. Combination of items can help a lot, however, remember: each class has its specific item, so for example, using a bow with a sorcerer will not be as effective as with a rogue. Even spells can be used by any class.

Your character must have some "things" to go on through the levels of the abyss, otherwise it will get pretty difficult for you.

  1. A Town Portal spell or scroll – it's almost your life! You must have it, no matter what! It can save your life at difficult times, or even favour you if you died and created a portal before it happens.
  2. Potions are very useful because they replenish your mana or life pools. They can be very expensive at first, but you'll notice that they're dropped by the enemies almost every time.
  3. Some scrolls may hold important magics that only sorcerers can cast. If you're a sorcerer and find one of those, save it until you find a pretty tough demon and use it mercilessly.


A character's inventory and stats tab.
  • Strength: it's your physical power. It will influence how much damage you deal to enemies; and it's almost the main attribute that high-level equipment requires. To see how much damage you can deal, check your damage indicator on your character stats tab. The numbers shown are the lower damage you can deal and the higher (e.g.: 13-50).
  • Magic: your spiritual power. It will influence how high you can learn spells, and how much damage they can deal. However, magical damage can be increased too if you read the same spellbook more than one time, increasing the spell level. Increasing the magic attribute will also raise the capacity of your mana pool. To see how much damage a spell can deal, go to your spellbook tab and simply hover with your mouse on it, it will show the damage you can deal the same way that melee weapons do.
  • Dexterity: your capacity for dealing damage. It's an attribute that rogues must increase, since it helps your shots become more accurate. Increasing your dexterity will also increase your chance to hit and your armour class (both checkable on your character stats tab).
  • Vitality: basically your life. This attribute will only increase your life pool and that's pretty much it. Sorcerers should try to increase this attribute a lot, since their life pools are pretty low.

Something really important to emphasize is the character's resists. They are pretty good to increase, however, they can only be increased through items. Resists will make your character less vulnerable to certain elements (such as fire, magic and lightning). If you play on Nightmare or Hell mode, your character's resists will be negative, and that will make the game more difficult. So, on those difficulty levels, try to find some item that raises your resistances a lot, which will be helpful.