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At level 4 of the labyrinth, you might encounter this cowardly demon. If you talk to him, he will beg you to spare him. Proceed, kill some enemies and go back to talk to him again. Again, he will beg you to leave him alone and to convince you to leave he will give you a magic item. Good deal. Do again the same thing and when you talk to him for the third time he will tell you that he is preparing something for you. Kill a few more enemies and go talk to Gharbad for the fourth and last time. If it's been a while since you last spoke to him, this time he will tell you that what he has done is too good for you and he will start attacking you. As his name suggests though, Gharbad is easy to defeat, he's just slightly stronger than a common enemy. He’s immune to lightning, but nothing more. After defeating Gharbad, you will be able to pick up another item and your hero will say: “I am not impressed …”.

REWARD: a magical item at random