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At level 14, in Hell, you might find a completely harmless Black Knight, who won't attack you. Talking to him, he will tell you that he is Lachdanan, the captain of King Leoric's knights and that he was cursed by the king, along with his companions. He has so far managed to resist, trying to save his humanity and his soul, but his time is running out. He will then tell you of the existence of a Golden Elixir, which could save his soul from damnation and which is somewhere in the labyrinth.

To find the Golden Elixir, you'll need to go down to the lower level first. Scour well the entire area looking for it. Be careful because it is quite small and it is not always easy to spot it. When you have got it, go back to level 14, to Lachdanan. He will thank you for saving him from damnation and, before disappearing, he will give you his Veil of Steel. It is certainly the best helmet you can find in the game, which makes all your resistances take a huge leap forward. It will be extremely useful to you in the last levels. It also decreases your Mana and your Light Radius, but by this point in the game you should have reached a level where you can tolerate this downside without problems.

REWARD: Veil of Steel

  • Armor Class: 18
  • Resist All: +50%
  • -20% Light Radius
  • +60% Armor Class
  • Mana: -30
  • +15 to Strength
  • +15 to Vitality
  • No required attributes
  • Durability: 60