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Once you arrive in the catacombs, talking to Griswald he could tell you about some caravan with strange folks that, years ago, passed through Tristram. They stayed just a few days at the Tavern of the Rising Sun and left. The weird thing is that he heard something about a "magic sky rock" at their carriage. That caravan headed East, but then they were attacked and perished. However, the things on the carriage are still there. Griswald will ask you to bring him that "magic sky rock": maybe he can do something useful for the hero with it.

Then go back to the catacombs and scour level 5 well. You should find the Magic Rock on a pedestal. Be careful as it may be difficult to spot. Get it and take it to Griswald, who will reward you with the Empirean Brand.

REWARD: Empyrean Brand

  • +2 to all attributes
  • +20% Light Radius
  • Faster Hit Recovery
  • Absorbs half of Trap Damage