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Once you arrive in Hell, in level 13, you may find the “Steel Tome" on a pedestal. It is advisable to clear the level of enemies before reading this book. You will still be forced to do so, to go down to the lower level.

When you're ready, read the book to learn about the Warlord of Blood and his horrific deeds. The armory door will then open and the Warlord of Blood will come out along with a large group of minions. He is not an opponent to be taken lightly: while it is similar in all respects to the Steel Knights, his attacks are very powerful. He is immune to fire, lightning and magic and this can put a Sorcerer in trouble. If you play as the Sorcerer, the best way to defeat the Warlord of Blood is to use the Stone Curse spell on him several times, to paralyze him and then quickly attack him with your most powerful staff. For the Warriors and the Rogues, with their weapons, the fight will be easier, but it is advisable to constantly keep an eye on your vital energy. After defeating all enemies you can calmly examine the armory to find several magical equipment. The stairs to the lower level will also be accessible.

REWARD: 6 magical items at random (4 weapons and 2 armors)