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At level 8, in the catacombs, you may find a room where you will find some magical scrolls, a bookcase and, of course, Zhar the Mad. Talking to Zhar, he will tell you to leave him alone and to convince you to leave he will give you a magic book. However, if you examine the bookcase to get another book, he will start attacking you. Zahr is not an opponent to be underestimated. His attacks are quite powerful, also Zahr disappears frequently, then reappears in another location, so hitting him can be difficult. What's more, he is also immune to fire. If you play as the Sorcerer, therefore, you should attack him with Lightning-type spells. If you control the Rogue, stay away, trying to avoid his attacks and shoot him with arrows. For the Warrior, things can be more complicated given Zahr's ability to teleport frequently. Try to trap him in a corner so he can't escape anymore and hit him with your sword. An excellent strategy, especially for the warrior, but also valid for the other classes, is to use the Stone Curse spell (or the relative scroll), in order to immobilize Zhar and hit him easily. Upon his death, your hero will sarcastically comment: “I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration?”.

REWARD: A magical item at random