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Lut Gholein[edit]

Lut Gholein is a port-city on the western shore of the Twin Seas, due east across the deserts of Aranoch from the Rogue Pass on the edge of Khanduras.


Upon your arrival, you stand with Warriv by a well in the south corner of the city.

Now that Andariel is dead, I can return and outfit the Rogues properly. Once I've made some trades here, I'll be free to head back to their Monastery. Let me know if you want to travel along.

You can go west with Warriv to return to the Rogue Encampment should you wish. However, you can just as easily return there via the city's waypoint, to the north.

Caravans take people where they want to go - until they get there.
There used to be a lot of brothels here... I guess the troubles scared all the women away, or maybe they're 'safe' in Jerhyn's palace.
By ship is the only way eastward from here. I believe Captain Meshif has a small trading vessel moored at the docks.

Gossip about Warriv:

Deckard Cain Lysander Fara Meshif
I talked at length with Warriv as we crossed the desert from Khanduras. He has many fascinating tales of the dangers in the desert. His experience may be useful to you. I've traded my potions to Warriv many times. They seem to fetch a good price in the western lands. Warriv may not remember me, but I helped him out when I was a young Paladin. There's no need for me to remind him. The rewards for honor will not come in this life. Warriv is a good friend. We've shared many tales, he and I. If we had it all to do over again, I believe we'd both be explorers of some renown.


Jerhyn, the Lord of Lut Gholein, is there to meet you and Warriv by the well when you first arrive.

Greetings, honored traveler. I am Jerhyn, Lord of Lut Gholein, and I bid you welcome to my fair port-city. I'm glad to know that once again caravans are free to travel through the Western Pass.

For some time now, we have been under siege by an evil power that I cannot identify. Strange... It all began when a Dark Wanderer came this way, looking for the Tomb of Tal Rasha. No one knows exactly where Tal Rasha, Keeper of Baal, is entombed, but it is certain to be far out in the desert.

Now, my people whisper tales of the dead rising from their tombs and horrible creatures lurking amongst the moonlit dunes. Even I have witnessed things which I cannot explain. I've ordered the port closed and all trade ships moored until I am sure that my city is safe.

Atma, the tavernkeeper, has an important mission for you. Go see her immediately. You'll find her on the other side of town.

Now, I must return to the palace. I apologize, but I can't invite you in. Things are... rather a mess right now.

After introducing himself, you can talk about the merchants:

About the Merchants
For trade in magic and the like, see Drognan or Lysander. Drognan is the wisest man I know - without equal in magic and ancient lore. Poor Lysander is nearly deaf, but he's a reliable potion chemist.

For travel back west, see Warriv, whom you already know.

Our own Fara is a fine and honest armorer, and she can heal wounds as well.

Elzix is the Innkeeper and may also have some items to trade.

Greiz, the mercenary captain I hired to secure the gates of Lut Gholein, keeps order in town, as well.

There are others here, too. I'm sure you'll meet most of them. Just look around...

You can also gossip briefly, although once he's off-screen or you return after saving and exiting, he's returned to the palace, up the street in the west corner of the city: you won't be able to talk to him again until you've either completed Radament's Lair, or talked to Drognan after destroying the Tainted Sun Altar.

When you arrived, Warriv's caravan had been long overdue. With all of the evil that's arisen in the land, I'm surprised he got through at all.
You seem very capable, but no offense is intended when I say that I must choose my confidants carefully. It wouldn't do to have rumors sending everyone into a panic.
Things are getting worse by the hour. I know everything looks fine, but trust me, it isn't!
To any who aid me in the defense of Lut Gholein, I pledge my support. Passage East, wealth, honor – all are due to those who help my city.

Gossip about Jerhyn:

Warriv Deckard Cain
Jerhyn has his father's strength and wits. He's young, but he rules this place with wisdom and care. I think he'll grow into a fine Sultan... Provided we all survive this crisis. Greetings, my friend. Have you spoken to Jerhyn yet? He's quite a remarkable leader for being such a young man. Then again, the old blood has always run strong in this land.
Drognan Lysander
When the recent troubles began, Lord Jerhyn came seeking my council. I advised him to close the port and put the town under strict watch.

Lately, though, he's been occupied within the palace. I doubt his whores could divert him from his civic duties for this long, though.
Oh... Young Jerhyn used to purchase minor love potions from me, hoping to win the favors of the harem girls.

But now that the girls have taken up residence in the palace, he doesn't come around here anymore. Well, well... I've always said, 'alchemy is no substitute for experience'.
Elzix Greiz
We've all fared well under Jerhyn's leadership. The town has remained safe throughout this whole mess; and yet the lad still seems very upset about something. Jerhyn's got a nice little trading post going here. Despite his youth, he is a clever businessman. As you can see by that palace, he's done quite well for himself.
Geglash Meshif
Jerhyn's been acting strange lately. I can't imagine why he recalled the town guards into the palace. If there is something wrong in there, I hope he doesn't expect me to handle it. There's something Jerhyn's not telling me, I just don't know what. To my eye, things here in town don't look that bad, especially since Warriv's caravan route opened up.


The palace in the west corner of the city is guarded by Kaelan: you cannot enter until you've spoken to both Drognan and Jerhyn after destroying the Tainted Sun Altar.

You may not pass.


When Jerhyn introduces himself, he tells you that Atma, the tavernkeeper, has an important mission for you, and that you should see her immediately. You'll find her on the other side of town, by the main entrance to her tavern in the east corner. Talk to her to activate the first quest of this Act, Radament's Lair.

Like Fara she's a healer but, while Fara is closest to the waypoint, Atma is closest to the square in which town portals open, to the southeast of her tavern. Should Atma ever stop in the main entrance, blocking it, there's a back entrance in the east corner.

This public house used to be quite lively, until this plague of evil. Luckily, I've managed to save away a tidy nest egg. Unfortunately, I couldn't save everything I care for...
In addition to my public house, there used to be several brothels doing business here. When the troubles first started in the desert, the harem guilds sought sanctuary within the palace.

Of course, Jerhyn was glad to oblige. I'll bet they're finding many ways to repay him for his protection.
Evil has laid siege to Lut Gholein and you may be our last hope...

Gossip about Atma:

Jerhyn Lysander
The woman, Atma, may have some useful gossip for you. She can always be found near her public house. Ah... The sweetest desert flower - that's Atma. Even my strongest brew can't bring back her family, though.
Fara Elzix
Atma is a good, loving woman. But I fear she will succumb to her despair and hatred. Atma... Now, there's a fine woman. Lately, though, she's only thinking about revenge. She has reason enough...
Greiz Meshif
Atma seems to be a fine woman. But I'm sure the loss of her family has made her lonely. Perhaps I should go over and console her when I get off duty tonight... Atma serves a fine ale in her establishment.

Deckard Cain[edit]

Deckard Cain, the Horadric sage, awaits you be the well in the middle of south Lut Gholein. He'll have a great deal to say about the Horadric Staff, and identify items in your inventory (for free if you found and rescued him yourself, or for 100 gold each if the Rogues did so after you left).

There is hardly any gossip about Deckard Cain:

I have heard of your friend, Cain. He is the last of the Horadrim. You would do well to heed whatever advice he has to give you.


Drognan, a Vizjerei mage, stands in the street to the north of Atma's tavern, which may lead through a gate in the wall out into the Rocky Waste beyond Lut Gholein.

Introduction Sorceress
I've heard that you are responsible for banishing Andariel back to the Burning Hells. I'm impressed, stranger. That couldn't have been easy. Welcome, young Sorceress, to Lut Gholein. I hope your skills are a match for the horrors that lie beyond the city's walls. A mage of your limited experience may find the evil too great to withstand alone.
My name is Drognan and I know what you're up against, my friend.

You ought to look over my inventory of items for trade.

He trades the occasional shield and sword, wands, scepters and staves, Scrolls and Tomes of Town Portal and Identify, and healing and mana potions.

I've been practicing magic for more years than you could know. I'm older than I look, though not so old that I can't conjure up a few sparks.
Not long ago, one of my Vizjerei comrades, who I believed had died in Tristram, came to this city. He seemed quite insane, so I dismissed much of what he said.

However, he was able to talk his way into Jerhyn's palace. No one has seen him since. I fear that fool may have found something in the palace that led to his doom.
The Horadrim were a powerful Order, although maybe too prideful. Tal Rasha was one of their Order. And that should tell you something.

Any man who believes himself strong enough to contain one of the Prime Evils is in for a rude awakening, I should think.
Demons have spread throughout the desert wasteland and threaten to engulf our quiet port-city.
Many of the Mage Clans feel that women shouldn't practice magic openly. But since you've made it this far, I must say that you have proven your right to do so.

Gossip about Drognan:

Drognan? Oh.. He's a good friend of mine. I help him find exotic spell components and alchemical books from time to time. I think he used to be a sorcerer of great renown, but he doesn't like to talk about his past.
Atma Elzix Greiz
Drognan is a very private person. He's always studying ancient scrolls and such. He may be a mystery to me forever. What tales Drognan can tell... You would do well to listen carefully to that wizened wizard. Drognan's a mystery to me. Then again, I never did trust mages much.


Lysander the alchemist stands to the west of the well in the middle of south Lut Gholein.

How do I know I can trust you? Hmm?

You may be as shifty as that pack rat, Elzix, who runs the Inn. But, if you need a potion, though, I suppose I can make you one... for a price, of course.

He trades potions and keys.

Oh. Deafness has its advantages, you know. I'm no longer forced to overhear the tedious gossip of others.
Potions are delicate mixtures. They're just as liable to go off in your face as anything.
I never patronized the brothels, mind you. But since those ladies took up hiding in the palace, there certainly has been less scenery to feast my eyes on.
There are some ancient enchanted fountains in the desert that can heal your wounds - if you drink enough from them.

Gossip about Lysander:

Lysander is harmless enough. We keep each other company with our mutual interests, yet I don't think he could handle the enormity of our present situation.
Atma Geglash
Oh, Lysander is cranky, but he's a good old man. He used to give me medicines when... my son was ill. I've got no time for old alchemists. Lysander would be completely useless in a real fight.
Elzix Greiz
That Lysander's a grumpy old cuss. You'd better not disturb him while he's working on his potions, or... BOOM! You could get blasted to the moon. I'd stay clear of Lysander, if I were you. He's always mixing his damned potions and chemicals. I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up blowing himself to smithereens!


Fara the armorer stands to the west of the well in the middle of south Lut Gholein.

Introduction Paladin
I know much about the ancient religions. I was trained as a Paladin of Zakarum in the Eastern Kurast temple many years ago. Welcome, brother Paladin.

I am Fara. I was once a devout champion of Zakarum.

As well as trading and repairing armor and weapons, she's a healer: she's just across the street from the waypoint to the northwest.

I've no love for brothels, as they can lead honorable men to do dishonorable things. Since the local harems took up hiding in the palace, however, there seems to be a rise in foul tempers.
The shrines in the desert are leftover artifacts from the great Sin War that ravaged these lands almost a thousand years ago. They still function, but most travelers believe them only to be remnants of the distant past.
When the Three Evils were bound ages ago, Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, was moved to Kurast and bound by the holiest of magics.
Perhaps, in time, you will play a part in reclaiming our Order's honor and spirit. You are an inspiration to me, brother Paladin.

Gossip about Fara:

Deckard Cain Meshif
There is something about Fara that troubles me. Her manner is strange for a lonely desert-maid. The lady Fara has a proud, noble air about her.
Elzix Greiz Geglash
Fara is a good woman. She seems very sad, but seldom speaks of her past. She's good to the poor and helps people when she can. That makes her all right in my book. I haven't talked much to Fara. She keeps to herself most of the time. I get the feeling that she doesn't like us mercenary types much. I've seen Fara defend herself against a few drunken ruffians. She's got moves I've never even seen before. Wherever she's from, she sure learned how to fight there.


Elzix, a former bandit who now keeps the Desert Rain Inn, stands outside it, to the north of the palace and east of the waypoint.

Introduction Necromancer
Hmm... You look like a sturdy adventurer. Ah... You must be one of the new heroes who've come to rid our city of evil. Under any other circumstances, I'd be surprised to see one of your kind in the city. But lately... Oh, never mind all that...
You know, I used to be quite the scoundrel in my day. I led the fiercest group of bandits who ever terrorized these sands!

Nowadays, I run this here Inn and pretty much stay out of trouble.

My days of adventuring are behind me.

He trades armor and weapons, and he also allows you to gamble for unidentified magical items (they're only identified once you've paid gold for them).

I miss the brothels that used to do business here.

You know, all of the ladies fled to the palace as soon as the trouble in the desert started. You'd think that they could at least come out once in a while now that Greiz and his men have things relatively under control.
There are many ancient tombs in the desert. Most of them are already plundered, but I imagine that some have remained hidden.
You know, I've lost a number of body parts over the years. An eye here, a leg there...

Say, do you know any spells that'd grow them back for me? Hmm... On second thought, I'll leave well enough alone.

Gossip about Elzix:

Warriv Atma Greiz
That old desert fox, Elzix, is as crafty as they come. Years back, he made off with a small fortune of my caravan's wares. I certainly never expected to see him so... domesticated. Elzix and I have reached an understanding over the years. He sends travelers to me for drink and entertainment, and I send them back to him for a soft bed. The travelers often trade their wares for lodging. Ah, Elzix is quite a character. I had a few run-ins with his band of outlaws in my younger years. Now, he's as settled as the dunes out there. The Desert Rain Inn is his pride and joy these days.
Jerhyn Deckard Cain Drognan Meshif
Even though he was once a bandit, I permitted Elzix to take over the Desert Rain Inn. He has been quite civilized ever since. Elzix is quite a scoundrel, but I like him all the same. Elzix is a sly one, I'll give him that. Of course, he never tries to cheat me. He knows what my magic skills can do. Oh, I've known Elzix for years. He always offers me a free room at his Inn when I dock here, but I prefer the comforts of my own cabin.


Greiz, the mercenary captain Jerhyn hired to secure the gates of Lut Gholein, stands by a trap door at the junction to the north of the waypoint: the road to the northwest may lead through a gate in the wall out into the Rocky Waste beyond Lut Gholein.

I'll bet you wonder how this town manages to stay safe with all the trouble going on out in the desert. Well, I can tell you that it's got nothing to do with the local town guards... they're all in the palace for some reason.

Jerhyn hired me and my mercenaries to help keep the peace around here. We're not cheap, but we're the best this wasteland has to offer.

You can hire a Guard from him.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Doing so will replace your existing mercenary, so remember to remove any equipment before doing so. He can also resurrect a dead mercenary, in exchange for gold.

We're keeping the town safe and tight, but I've got a hunch there's something Jerhyn's not telling us.
The local guards were all relocated to the palace after the troubles began. No one really knows why. Actually, all of the town's brothel girls have been hiding out in the palace's cellar lately, so I assume that the guards have been assigned to 'protect them' with their lives.
We do a good job in town, but beyond the city gates, you'll find all manner of demons.
I might spare you a few of my men. Why, enough gold can muster an army.

Gossip about Greiz:

Lysander Fara Meshif
Oh... I have great faith in Greiz. He seems to have things well in hand. Greiz is a fine warrior and leader, but in his heart, he will always be a mercenary for hire. I cannot be loyal to those who have no loyalty to themselves. Greiz seems to be a dependable fellow. I hope he can handle it if those things in the desert decide to attack this town.


Geglash is a... patron of Atma's tavern: he can be found in its south corner.

Introduction Barbarian
Bah! I don't know why you people keep pestering me. Hey, you're a Barbarian, aren't ya? Ferocious as the wild beasts of the north, that's what they say. I suppose you've come to help save this city. You needn't bother.
Greiz seems to have this place locked down nice and tight. Not that I couldn't have done the same! I've proven my valor in combat plenty of times.

You never need to talk to him, but it can be... interesting to do so.

Sure, I hear lots of what goes on. Did you hear about the harem guilds? They were the only ones allowed to hide out in the palace when the raids started!

Ah... It figures.
There are some ancient tombs out there in the desert. You have to go pretty far to find them, though. Rumor has it that they're crawling with walking corpses now.

As if the Saber Cats and Claw Vipers weren't bad enough.
Have you found those big sand maggots yet? Arrows and all that don't work so well against them. Best thing is to hack 'em with a sword or such. I've killed plenty of those demons out in the desert. It doesn't seem to slow them down any, though... they just keep coming back for more.
Hey, I heard that you Barbarians can wield multiple weapons at once. I never learned to fight two-handed. Carrying a sword and a wineskin at the same time is all I can ever handle.

Gossip about Geglash:

Atma Fara Elzix Greiz Meshif
Geglash may seem like a sot, but he's a brave man. All this trouble has driven him to drinking more than his usual. Geglash is too confident in his abilities. A warrior's true strength is in his heart. Geglash is a fool who would fight his own shadow if he could. Fighting's all he ever thinks about! Geglash is an imposing warrior, but he's never been able to back down from a fight. One of these days, his pride will be the death of him. Hah! That braggart Geglash says he fears neither man nor beast. Yet, when I offer to take him out to sea, he quakes with fear.


Meshif, a ship's captain, stands by the docks in the east corner of the city.

Introduction Amazon
Greetings. Greetings, Amazon. I haven't seen one of your kind in many years.... It's good to know that warriors of your caliber are protecting this city.
I'm Meshif, captain of this ship here. I make port runs around the Twin Seas and occasionally out to Kingsport in Westmarch.

I haven't sailed anywhere lately, though... Jerhyn has ordered me to stay docked here in case of emergency.

You don't need to talk to him until you've completed this Act and can sail west to Kurast.

My ship is the only way East from here. Still, Lord Jerhyn tells me that I may not leave until the current crisis is over.
I've been all around the seas in these parts. It's dangerous sailing west this time of year, though. Until the season changes, the caravan through the desert is the main trade route to Westmarch.
I was wondering if you've heard any news from Kurast? I know you Amazons travel extensively. Have you been there recently?

Hmm... Well, I hope the port opens soon. I need to get home to Kurast and find out what's been happening there.

Gossip about Meshif:

Jerhyn Lysander Greiz
Meshif is an honorable man, but I fear that he is growing impatient with me about impounding his ship. I dare not tell him what's really happening in this city. I've sold many sea-sickness potions to Meshif over the years. It seems that many of his passengers don't take well to the rocking of his ship on the open seas. Meshif has sailed all around the southern seas and visited many strange lands. It must be driving him mad, having to stay anchored here.
Atma Deckard Cain Drognan
Meshif seldom patronizes my establishment. I think he prefers to stay out there on his leaky ship. Meshif is an interesting man. Part of him longs for the freedom of the open seas... Yet his heart belongs in his homeland. Meshif and his vessel should remain here, lest we risk taking demonic stowaways to other lands.
Fara Elzix Geglash
Meshif is an honest man as far as I can tell. He has never pestered me about my past. Meshif is a wise Captain, I think. Wise enough to know silver from tin and truth from dung, that's for sure. Yeah. Meshif's okay, I guess. But I'll be damned if I ever get on his ship. I don't even like to drink water.


DII Icon Radament's Lair.png Radament's Lair DII Icon The Horadric Staff.png The Horadric Staff DII Icon Tainted Sun.png Tainted Sun
DII Icon Arcane Sanctuary.png Arcane Sanctuary DII Icon The Summoner.png The Summoner DII Icon The Seven Tombs.png The Seven Tombs


Area Waypoint
Lut Gholein Yes
Sewers Level 1 No
Sewers Level 2 Yes
Sewers Level 3 No
Rocky Waste No
Stony Tomb Level 1 No
Stony Tomb Level 2 No
Dry Hills Yes
Halls of the Dead Level 1 No
Halls of the Dead Level 2 Yes
Halls of the Dead Level 3 No
Area Waypoint
Far Oasis Yes
Maggot Lair Level 1 No
Maggot Lair Level 2 No
Maggot Lair Level 3 No
Lost City Yes
Ancient Tunnels No
Valley of Snakes No
Claw Viper Temple Level 1 No
Claw Viper Temple Level 2 No
Area Waypoint
Harem Level 1 No
Harem Level 2 No
Palace Cellar Level 1 Yes
Palace Cellar Level 2 No
Palace Cellar Level 3 No
Arcane Sanctuary Yes
Canyon of the Magi Yes
Tal Rasha's Tomb(s) No
Tal Rasha's Chamber No