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Kurast Docks[edit]

You arrive at the docks to the southwest of Kurast in the jungles of Kehjistan, on the eastern shore of the Twin Seas. You'll need to follow the river on foot through the jungle to reach the city itself to the northeast. The docks themselves are a series of stone platforms and wooden huts above the water, connected by walkways.


Upon your arrival, you stand with the ship's captain, Meshif, on the west side of the docks.

Introduction Barbarian
Well, I gave you my word, and brought you here as promised. Being a Barbarian, I'm sure you've seen many strange sights in the northlands.
But by all that's still holy, I wish I'd never returned to this accursed place. This fetid jungle can't be the fair Kurast I left behind!

I don't know what all this evil is, my friend, but it's obvious that you must stop it. I only pray that you can before the jungle consumes the last vestiges of my beloved homeland.
If this evil isn't contained, it could spread north to your homeland, too. Then the whole world would fall under the shadow of the Three.

You can sail west with him to return to Lut Gholein should you wish. However, you can just as easily return there via the waypoint on the central platform of the docks, at the end of the walkway to the northeast.

I shouldn't have boasted so much about Kurast on the journey here. Oh... Much has changed since I left.
The dockside is apparently the only civilized area left in Kurast.
It takes great courage and generosity to defend a land and a people that are not your own. Perhaps, when this curse is lifted, my people can do something for yours in return.

Gossip about Meshif:

Hratli Alkor
I trust you already know Meshif. But did you know that he was born and raised here?

I suspect that like many of us his spirit is near broken at the sight of Kurast's decline. Only our brand of gallows humor saves us from utter despair.
You came here with Meshif? That old 'tour-guide to the stupid'!

I'm surprised you made it here in one piece.
Deckard Cain
Seeing his homeland in such a state must be horrifying to Meshif. I'm surprised he's willing to remain here in order to help you.
For one who spends so much time away from home, Meshif has taken Kurast's corruption the hardest.


The metalworking sorcerer Hratli is there to meet you and Meshif by the boat when you first arrive.

Introduction Sorceress
Welcome to Kurast, traveler. Welcome to Kurast, young Sorceress.
Few come willingly to this ancient city anymore. I hope you brought your wits with you, for sanity is in short supply here.

My name is Hratli. I am a sorcerer skilled in metal work. It'd be a pleasure to help you... I don't have many customers these days.
Though my own magic is only useful for making enchanted weapons, I'll bet yours will put an end to this terrible evil once and for all. May the spirits of Skatsim watch over and protect you.
As you can see, the populace has been brutally decimated by the forces of Mephisto. The canals run red with blood and demons roam the land.

The wretched jungle-hell has already reclaimed much of Kurast. The only safety you'll find is here at the dockside, where a magical warding holds the jungle evils at bay... but I don't know how long it will last.

To make matters worse, the Children of Zakarum are in league with the forces of Mephisto. The Zakarum have concentrated their power in the Temple City of Travincal, located within Kurast deep in the jungle wilderness.

It's true... Their zeal is unmatched. But I say the so-called 'Warriors of Light' are nothing more than the twisted puppets of a hidden hand.

After you leave, he returns to his forge on a stone platform in the east corner of the docks. He trades and repairs armor and melee weapons (although he also trades arrows, bolts and keys). However, his forge is so far from the waypoint and any portal that it's usually quicker to travel to another Act for repairs.

Some find my prices unreasonable. That is because I am unreasonable.
If you are another follower of Zakarum, I've told you people before I don't want your Towering Spire or anything else you have to sell!
You'll find that the Zakarumites have the persistence of zombies, but without the charisma.
Within the Temple City stands a tower built long ago by the Horadrim to imprison the... Well, you'll discover more about it soon enough.
You're very brave to have come here. In the old days, mages who didn't belong to one of the great Mage Clans were hunted down as renegades. But now, the Mage Clans have little authority.

Gossip about Hratli:

Meshif Deckard Cain
Hratli seems to be the only one left here with any common sense. Yet how sensible is it to remain here? Drognan told me of Hratli when we were in Lut Gholein. He said that he weaves magic into his forge and produces mystical weapons and armor.

His skills could be quite useful to you.
Hratli suspects that Ormus is a mage. He can suspect whatever he wants, Ormus will not show him the true magic.
Asheara Alkor Natalya
Hratli thinks he's so funny. The other day he said, 'Ashaera, I don't recognize you without that big gash on your face.' Hratli may be a bit too clever for his own good. Still, I'd trust his work anytime. Hratli's only good for making his silly magic weapons. It's not like he's got the stones to actually go out and use them on anything. Hratli is a master craftsman. My Order could make use of one with his unique skills.

Deckard Cain[edit]

Deckard Cain, the last of the Horadrim, continues to travel with you: he awaits you on the east side of the central platform of the docks, at the end of the walkway to the northeast of Meshif, where you'll also find your private stash and a waypoint (any portals will also open nearby). There's a bridge across to the Spider Forest to the northeast.

I've not set foot in glorious Kurast for many years. But I never would have imagined it could be so corrupted.

Certainly, this must be Mephisto's work! You'd best get going, my friend. Diablo and Baal are still out there and you must find them.

He continues to identify items in your inventory (for free if you found and rescued him yourself, or for 100 gold each if the Rogues did so after you left).

Gossip about Deckard Cain:

Meshif Hratli Ormus Natalya
Your companion, Cain, must have known that he would be in grave danger here. You are great, indeed, to elicit such loyalty. This, Cain, whom you brought with you. He has the bearing of great power, yet I sense no magic about him. He is an enigma to me. Deckard Cain... Ormus has no time for the last son of the Horadrim. Pride led that holy Order to failure. I've heard the name of Deckard Cain many times. He's the last of the Horadrim, and thus, I must honor him. You must be powerful, indeed, if one such as he accompanies you.


The mysterious mage Ormus stands on the west side of the central platform of the docks, at the end of the walkway to the northeast of Meshif.

Introduction Paladin
You now speak to Ormus. You now speak to Ormus, good Paladin.
He was once a great mage, but now lives like a rat in a sinking vessel. You have questions for Ormus and doubt in yourself. Ormus sees a strange dichotomy in you... as he does in all would-be heroes.

Speak to him and he may grant you wisdom in turn. Or turn from him and seek wisdom in thyself.

Ormus is a healer who also trades some armor and weapons (including wands, scepters and staves), as well as tomes, scrolls and healing and mana potions.

When speaking of the dead, it is best to remain cryptic.
The Church of Light harbors the darkest shadow of all. Tread lightly.
The Travincal can be breached by the loss of one's wits, not by the use of them.
How does one destroy Destruction? How does one force Terror to flee in fear? You have great tasks ahead of you, Ormus thinks.
The Church which you serve is corrupted by evil. Yet the holy disciplines it taught you may yet save us all.

This is a strange time for heroes, Ormus thinks.

Gossip about Ormus:

Meshif Deckard Cain
Trying to get information out of Ormus is like straining water from a rock. His damned riddles are almost as confusing as our current state of affairs. Judging from his dress and strange markings, I would guess that Ormus is from the ancient Taan mage-clan. Yet none of the others here seem to know that he is a sorcerer.

The Taan were once as powerful as the Vizjerei clan, but their studies were even more secretive. I wonder what he's hiding.
Ormus would like you to think him mad. Better to watch his actions than listen to his words.
Alkor Natalya
Oh, Ormus has been talking in riddles for years. I think he does it to cover up the fact that he's got nothing intelligent to say. My Order has been keeping watch over Ormus for many years, now. He seems to champion the cause of good, but who knows what shadow lurks within his soul?
Ormus is a man of many mysteries. I sense strong magic about him, but he's never spoken of it to me.


Asheara, leader of the mercenary mages known as the Iron Wolves, can be found in the large hut at the end of the walkway to the northwest of Ormus.

Introduction Amazon
Hello, there. You must be a great adventurer to risk coming here. Hello, there. You must be an Amazon. I've heard about your people... nomadic warriors without peer.
My name's Asheara, and I lead the mercenary band of mages known as the Iron Wolves. We've been hunting down demons in the jungle for months, but no matter how many of them we kill, they just keep comin'. Seems this whole place has been overrun by evil.

Rumor has it that you've come here to help. If that's true, then I'll let you hire some of my mercenaries.

But be careful... If you piss them off, they can be worse than those monsters out in the jungle.

You can hire an Iron Wolf from her, although she'll let you have one for free after returning the Blade of the Old Religion to Ormus. She also trades some armor and weapons.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

You won't get an Iron Wolf if you already have a mercenary (although you can still hire one to replace your existing mercenary: just remember to remove any equipment before doing so). She can also resurrect a dead mercenary, in exchange for gold.

No one comes to Kurast anymore without good reason. You must be seeking fame and fortune.
The Iron Wolves and I have made a good living around here lately.
Why fight fair, when you can hire some of us?
The jungle can take you down fast. Try to avoid getting trapped out there if you can.
Your skills are unique indeed. They are neither sorcery, nor physical, but seem to be a harmonious blend of the two. The Iron Wolves could learn much from your kind.

Gossip about Asheara:

Meshif Natalya
If you are planning to carry on your wild ways here, you may need the assistance of Asheara's Iron Wolf mercenaries. Asheara...? Oh, she's a tough-talking mage, but I'd wager she's never faced true Evil.

Pampering drunken mercenaries is one thing, but standing face to face with a hell-spawned demon is another.
Asheara leads the mercenary company known as the Iron Wolves. You can hire some of them, but many are occupied securing the dockside.
Deckard Cain Ormus Alkor
Asheara seems like a very tough woman. I'd be careful around her if I were you. Asheara is both proud and self-conscious of her womanhood. Oh, Asheara's a good customer. She buys a potion of manliness from me every week.


The reclusive alchemist Alkor can be found in his hut in the north corner of the docks.

Introduction Necromancer
Damn it, I wish you people would just leave me alone! I...
Oh, you're new here, aren't you? Oh, you're a Necromancer, aren't you? I've heard that your kind use powerful potions and such to wake the dead and control spirits. I'd love to discuss what components you use some time.
I am Alkor, the Alchemist. I dabble in potions and salves, and I can sell you some if you really need them.

But don't make a habit of coming here. I don't like to be disturbed while I'm studying!
I am Alkor, the Alchemist. I dabble in potions and salves, myself, and I can sell you some if you really need them.

...Feel free to drop by anytime.

He trades potions (but not healing or mana potions), and he also allows you to gamble for unidentified magical items (they're only identified once you've paid gold for them).

I've never claimed that you'd live forever after trying one of my potions! Merely that you might look as though you had.
Care to take a gander at my Grimoire?
I keep a library of tomes - heretical, exegetical, hermeneutical and pharmaceutical.
I hope you don't object to my badgering the witless.
Even I can tell that the evil in the jungle is growing. I hope you survive out there, my pasty friend. I'd still like to discuss what components are best used in necromantic potions.

Gossip about Alkor:

Meshif Hratli Ormus
I went to speak with old Alkor, but I disturbed his studies. He doesn't seem to like visitors. Alkor is a potion dealer given over to a life steeped in ceaseless study and dissipation. Alkor is able to explain things much more clearly than Ormus.


The mage hunter Natalya can be found on the stone platform to the southeast of that in the center of the docks; Hratli's forge is to the northeast.

Greetings, hero. I've heard of your exploits and... I'm quite impressed. Very few mortals are capable of dealing with the Three and their minions as you have.

My name is Natalya. I am a hunter of Evil, part of an ancient Order sworn to hunt down corrupted sorcerers.

If I could, I would gladly join your quest to stop the Three. But I must wait here for further news. I can't predict what will happen, but the danger is greater than we can know.

Until I receive my orders, I'll assist you with the information I have.

You can only talk to her about quests, and gossip about some of the other residents of the docks. She disappears without a word once you complete this Act, never to be seen again.

Gossip about Natalya:

That woman, Natalya, seems to be waiting for something important to happen. She's a strange one, I think.
Deckard Cain
Have you met, Natalya? She appears to be a member of the Khral-Harzhek, a secret order that has been around for centuries... almost as long as the Horadrim, itself.

Her presence here makes me uneasy, for they are traditionally sworn to hunt down Magi who have betrayed the trust of their order.

I wonder why she is here.


DII Icon The Golden Bird.png The Golden Bird DII Icon Blade of the Old Religion.png Blade of the Old Religion DII Icon Khalim's Will.png Khalim's Will
DII Icon Lam Esen's Tome.png Lam Esen's Tome DII Icon The Blackened Temple.png The Blackened Temple DII Icon The Guardian.png The Guardian


Area Waypoint
Kurast Docks Yes
Spider Forest Yes
Arachnid Lair No
Spider Cavern No
Great Marsh Yes
Flayer Jungle Yes
Flayer Dungeon Level 1 No
Flayer Dungeon Level 2 No
Flayer Dungeon Level 3 No
Area Waypoint
Swampy Pit Level 1 No
Swampy Pit Level 2 No
Swampy Pit Level 3 No
Lower Kurast Yes
Kurast Bazaar Yes
Disused Fane No
Ruined Temple No
Sewers Level 1 No
Sewers Level 2 No
Area Waypoint
Upper Kurast Yes
Forgotten Reliquary No
Forgotten Temple No
Kurast Causeway No
Disused Reliquary No
Ruined Fane No
Travincal Yes
Durance of Hate Level 1 No
Durance of Hate Level 2 Yes
Durance of Hate Level 3 No