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After destroying the Tainted Sun Altar on the second level of the Claw Viper Temple below the Valley of Snakes beyond the Lost City, upon returning to Lut Gholein you need to talk to Drognan to activate the fourth quest of this Act.

I've been researching the old records, trying to find the location of Tal Rasha's Tomb. Though I haven't found the Tomb, itself, I may have a good lead for you.

The great Vizjerei Summoner, Horazon, built his Arcane Sanctuary somewhere around here. He was a powerful spellcaster and kept demons as slaves within the Sanctuary. He kept a close eye on great events, too - such as the imprisonment of Baal within Tal Rasha's Tomb.

If you could find Horazon's Sanctuary, I'm sure that it would hold some clue as to the Tomb's location. Though I doubt Horazon is still alive, you must proceed with caution. There's no telling what could be waiting inside.

When I spoke of this with Lord Jerhyn, he asked that I send you to him. Perhaps he knows of a secret entrance or the like.
DII Icon Arcane Sanctuary.png Arcane Sanctuary
Look for the Arcane Sanctuary within the Palace.

You then need to talk to Jerhyn, who should now be standing on the stairs outside his palace in the west corner of Lut Gholein:

When the troubles began here, I allowed the terrified Harem guilds to join me within the safety of the palace. All was fine, until one night...

Screams echoed up the stairwells from the harem. My guards arrived to find the poor girls being slaughtered by a merciless band of hell-spawned demons. My brave guardsmen tried to push the demons back into the mysterious rift from which they came.

Ever since, my men have fought a losing battle. Demons have continued to pour through the rift into the palace. Ultimately, I hired Greiz and his mercenaries to help protect the rest of my fair city.

Drognan believes that the Arcane Sanctuary lies buried underneath this palace, since Lut Gholein occupies the site of an ancient Vizjerei fortress.

My palace is open to you now... Take care.

If you talk to the guard Kaelan, standing by the entrance to the palace:

Stay out of trouble. Welcome to the palace. You may enter the palace.

If you talk to anyone else before entering the palace or leaving Lut Gholein:

Drognan Deckard Cain
Nearly a thousand years ago, Horazon rose to the fore of the Vizjerei mage clan. Horazon used the knowledge of the Vizjerei to summon and control demons from Hell.

Though a powerful Summoner, Horazon feared that the Lords of Hell would punish him for enslaving their brethren. Thus, the Summoner created for himself an Arcane Sanctuary.

He believed that his Sanctuary would not only protect him from Hell's vengeance, but also allow him to continue his studies free from the ravages of time and disease.

Horazon had crafted many wondrous scrying devices through which he observed the events of the world outside. It is certain that he took careful study of Tal Rasha's imprisonment and recorded the location of his forgotten Tomb.

The Arcane Sanctuary was believed to have been constructed here in Lut Gholein. An entrance may be hidden somewhere in the palace, as that building is very old, and was once a Vizjerei fortress.
I very much doubt that Horazon still lives in his Sanctuary. He possessed great power and influence over demons, but even that may not have been enough in the end. One of his notoriety cannot easily remove himself from the vengeful reach of Hell.
Ah, the ancient mage Horazon! He believed that he could bend Evil forces to his will. What he didn't know was that Evil uses man, not the reverse.

The Vizjerei still revere him as a symbol of man's ability to triumph over other worldly forces. The Church of Light, however, cites him as an example of man's folly.
Horazon found it necessary to lock himself up for all time, just to protect himself from those angry demons. Such is the fate of one who practices the summoning arts... that, or eternal damnation. There's old summoners and bold summoners, but no old, bold summoners.
Meshif Warriv
Ahh... The legend of Horazon is an old one, especially around these parts. You wouldn't believe the feats and strange events that are attributed to him. A careful caravan gives wide berth to sleeping bandits. If Horazon is gone, let him remain so.
Atma Greiz
Arcane Sanctuary? That place sounds awful! Even if you find a way into it, what makes you think you'll be able to leave again? The only thing in Jerhyn's cellar are the harem girls that have been hiding there since the troubles began.
Elzix Geglash
An 'Arcane Sanctuary' under the palace? I'd heard that there were some underground cellar levels that Jerhyn used as chambers for his treasure and such, but no Arcane Sanctuary. Look, look... I'm just about as tough and arrogant as they come, but you'd never catch me trying to tame a demon for a pet. That's just asking for a lot of trouble.

If you return before completing this quest:

Jerhyn Drognan
There was an eastern mage... a Vizjerei, I believe... who visited me almost a year ago. He was very interested in the history of this site, and he seemed particularly fascinated with the palace architecture.

I gave him a tour. When he found the ancient seals over a passageway in the cellar, he became very agitated. He asked for some time alone to study them, and I granted it.

Shortly after, he left with no further word and I never saw him again. Odd... Don't you think?
I am certain that you will find the information you need when you find Horazon's Journal. I suggest you find it quickly, for Diablo may be getting closer to freeing his brother as we speak.
Deckard Cain
I've been thinking about the problems in Jerhyn's palace. Perhaps this has occurred to you as well...

If those cellar passageways lead to the Arcane Sanctuary, then that is where the demons came from. Horazon's haven must have been breached!
Fara Lysander
Even a sanctuary such as Horazon's can be breached by the tentacles of Evil. Such a haven could have become a chamber of unspeakable horrors. Be wary of what you may unleash! Huh? The horizon is always out of reach, you should know that. Oh, Horazon! Oh, I see. Uh.

Yes. Well. He was insane. Brilliant, yes, but... total lunatic.
Atma Elzix
So you've been in the palace, have you? Tell me, why does Jerhyn keep that place locked up so tight? I understand that you've been talking to Jerhyn. Well, if so, then you're the first in a long while... since the trouble began, actually.

Do us a favor and try to find out what's got Jerhyn so edgy all the time. OK?
Greiz Geglash
What's got you so occupied in the palace? Don't tell me you're finding the Harems more compelling than killing demons? That would be out of character for one such as yourself. All my years of brawling, of pummeling both the unsuspecting and the deserving, have yielded two insights. You can either fight or you can run. All other strategies are variations of these.
Meshif Warriv
So... Now that you're such a pal of Jerhyn, why don't you ask him if I can set sail one of these days? I'm running out of patience. Fate is like a caged gorilla. It will pelt you with dung if you mock it.

Harem Level 1[edit]

The spiral staircase down from the palace takes you to the first level of the Harem, which is small and not populated. The spiral staircase in its northeast room takes you down to the east corner of the second level, while the straight stair in its southwest room takes you down to its west corner.

Harem Level 2[edit]

The second level of the Harem is randomly populated with three of the following five monster types: Blunderbores, Dune Beasts, Horror Archers, icy Horror Mages and Invaders.

The layout is always the same, square with a large central room surrounded by a corridor, with doors to rooms all around its perimeter. The stairs down from the first level are always in the east and west corners, while the staircase in the north corner spirals down to the east corner of the Palace Cellar, and that in the south corner spirals down to its west corner.

Palace Cellar Level 1[edit]

The first level of the Palace Cellar is similarly populated to the Harem above it, except its Horror Mages are fiery.

Although the placement of rooms and doors is somewhat random, the layout is also always square with the stairs down from the Harem in the east and west corners, while the staircase in the north corner spirals down to the east corner of the second level, and that in the south corner spirals down to its west corner. There's also a waypoint to the north of the stairs in the south corner.

Palace Cellar Level 2[edit]

The second level is similarly populated to the first, except its Horror Mages are poisonous. The layout is also similar, except there is no waypoint.

Palace Cellar Level 3[edit]

The third level is similarly populated to the first two, except its Horror Mages are electric. While the layout is still square and somewhat random, the only exit is a portal in the central room, which may be guarded...

Fire Eye[edit]

Super Unique Invader (Fire Enchanted Extra Fast)

Fire Eye always spawns in the north quadrant of the third level of the Palace Cellar, and sometimes does so in the central room, guarding the portal. You don't need to kill him, and can simply left click on the portal to activate it, allowing you to travel through it to the Arcane Sanctuary.

Arcane Sanctuary[edit]

DII Icon Arcane Sanctuary.png Arcane Sanctuary
Find Horazon's Journal.

There's a waypoint at the base of the stairs down from the portal that transported you here from the Palace Cellar. This is the central hub of the Arcane Sanctuary, which is randomly populated by Ghoul Lords, Hell Clan Goatmen and Specters. There can also be Lightning Spires.

Four paths lead away from the waypoint, to the northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest: each path branches to form a figure eight, with a path midday down connecting the opposite sides, before the two branches converge on the far side to the waypoint, leading to a platform on which there are either chests, or a lectern on which Horazon's Journal can be found.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any trick to navigating to the lectern, regardless of direction or layout (normal, portals, normal stairs or Escheresque impossible stairs). Just pick a path and travel down one side of it, and if the platform at the end doesn't have the lectern then create a portal, return to town and take the waypoint back to the hub to pick a different path.

Horazon's Journal[edit]

It only becomes clear whether you've picked the right path at the very end: paths to chests are straight and lead to small square platforms, while that to the lectern twists and turns, and you must go up some stairs to a larger, more elaborate platform with pillared arches and glowing glyphs floating in the air along its northern edges. The lectern is guarded by the Summoner (to whose presence you'll be alerted as you approach), but you can simply ignore him and left click on Horazon's Journal to read it:

Horazon's Journal
Seekers of the Tomb of Tal Rasha will find it through the Portal. But know that the glowing glyphs recorded here in my Arcane Sanctuary are the signs of the six False Tombs.

The missing Seventh Sign marks the Tomb of Tal Rasha... Of the Horadrim he might be called the foremost.

It was a shining - but brief - moment for the Mage Clans when they set aside their differences and worked together against the common enemy.

The Horadrim relentlessly pursued the Three across the desolate Empires of the East, and even into the uncharted lands of the West, leaving the Archangel Tyrael's hands unblemished.

Presuming the Three to be vanquished, the Horadrim's unstable fellowship began to dissipate. Abandoning their sacred charge to safeguard the three Soulstones, the disparate Mage Clans began to squabble amongst each other over petty differences.

Their conflicts not only dissolved their brotherhood, but strengthened the Evils which they had buried beneath the cold earth.

When you finish reading, a red portal opens to the Canyon of the Magi (where the last waypoint of the Act is visible upon exiting the portal, to the north) and this quest is complete.

DII Icon Arcane Sanctuary.png Arcane Sanctuary
Quest completed.
DII Icon Arcane Sanctuary.png Arcane Sanctuary
You completed this quest in a previous game.

Atma only speaks the following if you talk to her first upon your return to Lut Gholein:

Oh, those poor women! Will the slaughter never end? Thank you once again for protecting our city.
Jerhyn Drognan
I thank you for your heroic aid! I'm also glad that you found something you were looking for. The journal should help you find the True Tomb of Tal Rasha. Hopefully, there is still time to get there before Diablo.

Go now. And good luck.
You have found Horazon's Journal. Excellent... But, I must caution you.

The mark of the True Tomb of Tal Rasha, is sought, if not already known, by Diablo. I needn't elaborate on the implications of that.
Deckard Cain Greiz
You must move quickly now, friend, for Diablo is undoubtedly close to finding what he seeks. Find the Tomb of Tal Rasha before he frees the Lord of Destruction. Unbelievable! The Harem girls are dead! The palace guards have been fighting off demons from the cellar. How could that happen without my knowledge?
Fara Geglash
Faith is stronger than any armor. The shield will protect the body, but Faith will strengthen the courageous heart. Hah! I wish Jerhyn would've let me in the palace. I would've saved those girls and kicked demon ass back to the fire-pits o' Hell!
Lysander Elzix
Horazon's urinal? Oh, journal! Yes, well... Glad you found it. Such a shame about those poor harem girls, huh? I shall miss them deeply... I mean their conversations, of course. News of the tragedy in the palace is spreading fast. How awful! And to think, this whole time I thought Jerhyn and his guards were in there playing with the harem girls.
Meshif Warriv
So... Now we know Jerhyn's little secret. Well... I guess I can see why he wanted me to stay, though... I'm just glad it didn't come to that. Now he tells me to wait some more, in case you need to get out of here.

Well, for you I'll do it. Maybe they'll mention me in the epic ballads, eh?
Well, the news going around town is very unsettling. Apparently, we were in more danger than anyone thought.

Good work friend... you may have saved all our skins.