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  • Champion
Lord of Destruction
  • Berserker
  • Fanatic
  • Ghostly
  • Possessed


  • Aura Enchanted
  • Cursed
  • Enchanted:
    • Cold Enchanted
    • Fire Enchanted
    • Lightning Enchanted
    • Mana Burn
    • Spectral Hit
    • Poison Enchanted (Achmel the Cursed and Lilith only)
  • Extra Fast
  • Extra Strong
  • Magic Resistant
  • Multiple Shots
  • Stone Skin
  • Teleportation

Super Unique[edit]

Act I
Super Unique Type Super Unique bonus(es) Area
Corpsefire Zombie Spectral Hit Den of Evil
Bishibosh Fallen Shaman Magic Resistant Fire Enchanted Cold Plains
Coldcrow Corrupt Rogue Archer Cold Enchanted Cave Level 1
Bonebreaker Skeleton Extra Strong Magic Resistant Crypt
Rakanishu Fallen Lightning Enchanted Extra Fast Stony Field
Treehead Woodfist Wendigo Extra Strong Extra Fast Dark Wood
Countess Corrupt Rogue Fire Enchanted Tower Cellar Level 5
Smith Demon Extra Strong Barracks
Pitspawn Fouldog Tainted Cursed Cold Enchanted Jail Level 2
Bone Ash Skeleton Mage Magic Resistant Extra Strong Cold Enchanted Cathedral
Cow King Hell Bovine Magic Resistant Lightning Enchanted Moo Moo Farm
Act II
Super Unique Type Super Unique bonus(es) Area
Creeping Feature Mummy Extra Strong Cold Enchanted Stony Tomb Level 2
Bloodwitch the Wild Sabre Cat Extra Strong Cursed Halls of the Dead Level 3
Beetleburst Scarab Magic Resistant Far Oasis
Coldworm the Burrower Sand Maggot Queen Cold Enchanted Magic Resistant Sand Maggot Lair Level 3
Dark Elder Zombie Extra Fast Magic Resistant Lost City
Fangskin Claw Viper Lightning Enchanted Extra Fast Claw Viper Temple Level 2
Fire Eye Sand Raider Fire Enchanted Extra Fast Palace Cellar Level 3
Ancient Kaa the Soulless Greater Mummy Mana Burn Extra Strong Lightning Enchanted Tal Rasha's Tomb
Super Unique Type Super Unique bonus(es) Area
Ssark the Burning Giant Spider Extra Strong Cursed Spider Cavern
Witch Doctor Endugu Fetish Shaman Magic Resistant Fire Enchanted Flayer Dungeon Level 3
Stormtree Thorned Hulk Extra Fast Lightning Enchanted Flayer Jungle
Battlemaid Sarina Corrupt Rogue Extra Fast Spectral Hit Ruined Temple
Icehawk Riftwing Bat Cold Enchanted Teleportation Sewers Level 1
Geleb Flamefinger Council Member Extra Strong Fire Enchanted Travincal
Ismail Vilehand Council Member Extra Fast Cursed Travincal
Toorc Icefist Council Member Cold Enchanted Stone Skin Travincal
Bremm Sparkfist Council Member Aura Enchanted Lightning Enchanted Durance of Hate Level 3
Maffer Dragonhand Council Member Extra Strong Extra Fast Durance of Hate Level 3
Wyand Voidbringer Council Member Mana Burn Teleportation Durance of Hate Level 3
Act IV
Super Unique Type Super Unique bonus(es) Area
Hephasto the Armorer Demon Spectral Hit Aura Enchanted River of Flame
Grand Vizier of Chaos Finger Mage Extra Strong Fire Enchanted Chaos Sanctuary
Lord De Seis Oblivion Knight Extra Strong Aura Enchanted Chaos Sanctuary
Infector of Souls Megademon Extra Fast Spectral Hit Chaos Sanctuary
Act V
Super Unique Type Super Unique bonus(es) Area
Dac Farren Demon Imp Cold Enchanted Bloody Foothills
Shenk the Overseer Overseer Extra Strong Bloody Foothills
Eldritch the Rectifier Baal's Minion Extra Fast Frigid Highlands
Sharptooth Slayer Overseer Extra Fast Frigid Highlands
Eyeback the Unleashed Death Mauler Extra Strong Extra Fast Frigid Highlands
Thresh Socket Siege Beast Cursed Arreat Plateau
Frozenstein Abominable Cold Enchanted Mana Burn Frozen River
Pindleskin Reanimated Horde Fire Enchanted Nihlathak's Temple
Bonesaw Breaker Reanimated Horde Extra Strong Magic Resistant Glacial Trail
Snapchip Shatter Frozen Horror Cursed Cold Enchanted Icy Cellar
Korlic Ancient None Arreat Summit
Madawc Ancient None Arreat Summit
Talic Ancient None Arreat Summit
Colenzo the Annihilator Fallen Shaman Fire Enchanted Throne of Destruction
Achmel the Cursed Greater Mummy Poison Enchanted Throne of Destruction
Bartuc the Bloody Council Member Lightning Enchanted Throne of Destruction
Ventar the Unholy Megademon Extra Fast Throne of Destruction
Lister the Tormentor Minion of Destruction Spectral Hit Throne of Destruction


Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V
Blood Raven
Izual Putrid Defilers
Pandemonium Event


Acts World Event Pandemonium Event (Act V)
I Andariel Diablo Matron's Den Lilith
II Duriel Forgotten Sands Duriel
III Mephisto Tristram Mephisto
IV Diablo Diablo
V Baal Baal

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