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If you talk to Jerhyn, Lord of Lut Gholein, upon arrival then you'll know that Atma, the tavernkeeper, has an important mission for you. You'll find her tavern on the other side of town, to the northeast. Talk to her to activate the first quest.

I don't expect this of you, but if you want to help me, I would be grateful.

In the sewers below our city, there lurks a horrid creature that hungers for human flesh. The creature has killed many, including my son and my husband.

If you destroy it, I will reward you. Please be careful though, that beast has taken enough from us already.

The sewer entrance is through the trap door just up the street.
DII Icon Radament's Lair.png Radament's Lair
Find Radament's Lair in the Lut Gholein sewers.

Before following her directions and leaving Lut Gholein, it's at least worth it to talk to Meshif as well:

Atma Meshif
The creature makes its lair in the tunnels beneath this city. He butchered my husband and son... I simply cannot bear to talk about it... There are two entrances to the sewers, I believe. One of them is right near here, down by the water beneath the docks. I can see it from my ship, and you can bet I keep an eye on it every night.
Deckard Cain Drognan Fara Greiz
The Horadrim used to mummify their highest mages, and infuse them with spells that would allow them to protect their tombs, even after death.

I have no idea why one of them would be acting so malevolently. Perhaps Drognan or Fara would know more about this.
Fara and I have been talking about the creature recently. From my studies, I have deduced that it is Radament the Fallen, an ancient Horadric mummy that has for some reason left his tomb to prey on mortals.

I'm doing some more research now. If you check back later, I may have some more insight as to his nature.
I believe that the creature you refer to is one of the ancient Horadric mummies from the tombs that lie buried beneath the desert sands. It is unusual for one of his kind to be so far away from his resting place. I sense in this entity a restless and malevolent spirit. I've personally found some of that devil's victims washed up out of the sewer. Often, they are missing limbs or a head, and their bodies have always been skinned.

At first the creature raided the town at night... That's how Atma lost her family. Now we've got him barricaded in the sewers.

You're safe up here on the surface, but every now and again some fool wants to be a hero and heads down to the waste tunnels with a pig-sticker.
I hear that beast is after body parts. Does he eat them? Oooh... Ghastly!
Elzix Geglash Warriv
I hear that the creature kills his victims in order to hack off their limbs! I guess that makes me a less likely candidate, eh? Hey... Don't touch my drink or I'll bore a hole into your skull with my thumb. I've heard tales of walking corpses out in the desert at night, though I've never actually seen one.

Sewers Level 1[edit]

Although it's true that a sewer entrance is through the trap door just up the street, at the feet of the mercenary captain Greiz in the north corner of town, the stair down to the second level is actually more likely to be closer to the other entrance mentioned by Meshif. Go to the south corner of town and you'll find stairs down to it by the docks; if you insist on going through the trap door, once down there head south rather than west.

The first level is randomly populated by three of the following four monster types: Burning Dead, Burning Dead Archers, Dried Corpses (Mummies who emit a cloud of poison upon death) and Sand Raiders.

Sewers Level 2[edit]

The second level is similarly populated to the first. There's also a waypoint, the most direct route to which is normally achieved by traveling to the left upon entry, and continuing to do so for the stair down to the third level.

Sewers Level 3[edit]

The final level is randomly populated by three of the following four monsters: Burning Dead, fiery Burning Dead Mages, Dried Corpses and Huntresses (Saber Cats). Continue traveling left upon entry for what is likely to be the most direct route to Radament's lair. Your quest log will alert you once he's nearby, activating this quest if you haven't already done so by talking to Atma.

DII Icon Radament's Lair.png Radament's Lair
Kill Radament.

If you return to the surface before completing this quest:

Atma Geglash
I am starting to have second thoughts about my request... I couldn't bear the thought of you losing your life on my behalf. Ah-hah! Back for a small shot of courage... Believe me, it doesn't help for long.

Drinks, barkeep!
Deckard Cain Drognan Fara
The Horadric mummies were created to protect the tombs, but Radament is far from his burial chamber. Given the aberrations that have been witnessed lately, it comes as no surprise that even the ancient guardian spells have begun to unravel. Be wary of this as you venture farther into the desert. I've just been reading something interesting about this sort of undead. Apparently, certain Horadric funereal priests altered the bodies of their dead mages with magical and surgical techniques - often replacing body parts with those of animals.

This was thought to augment their powers, and raise their status in the afterlife.
Drognan told me something interesting earlier today. It might explain why Radament is so restless, and it might have something to do with why he is stealing human body parts.
We've been meaning to send an organized group down there to kill that thing, but it would be dangerous. We just can't afford the chance of losing any men with all the trouble that's going on in the desert.
Warriv Meshif
Death is not afraid of the living, but the living abhor death. I noticed a rotting, human arm floating in the harbor this morning. I suspected foul play, so I told Greiz. He didn't seem too concerned since there haven't been any folk reported missing lately.
Lysander Elzix
Huh? Peppermint? Oh, Radament! Yes, yes. Ooh, a foul creature.

Some of my exploding potions should do quite nicely against him. They usually work well against the undead.
If you're going to fight that thing, use some common sense. Be knowledgeable about what harms the undead. Poison, for instance, will have little effect.

Unfortunately, Lysander doesn't actually trade throwing potions...


Boss (Extra Fast)

We live again!

Once you've been alerted to Radament's presence, stop. Aside from any randomly generated monsters in the area, there can also be both electric and poisonous Burning Dead Mages, fiery and icy Horror Mages, Horrors, and Radament himself has Burning Dead minions: he can raise any undead you kill, so unless you have a reliable means of using or destroying corpses, or area of effect damage, it may be prudent to retreat and try to draw as many as possible out of his awareness range so he cannot raise them.

When you're ready, charge forward to kill him: he can fire unholy bolts at range, and attack you with a poisoned claw or breathe poison over you in melee range. This can be tough if you aren't able to prevent him from raising undead, or distract them, but once you've killed him holy bolts radiate from his corpse to kill any remaining undead in the area.

DII Icon Radament's Lair.png Radament's Lair
Return to Atma for a reward.

Radament himself drops a Book of Skill: right click to learn skill of your choice (a skill point!). He was also guarding a chest, which contains a Horadric Scroll if you don't already have a Horadric Cube, activating the second quest if you haven't already done so.

If you talk to anyone but Atma upon your return to the surface:

Drognan Deckard Cain
From what you tell me, it would seem that Radament was bent on the task of reviving his own mummified corpse with the flesh of the living.

This is very unusual indeed. It takes an incredible magic power to alter the singular purpose of an undead mind.

Perhaps there is a power at work here which is beyond my ken.
If you haven't already, tell Atma that Radament is dead. It may help to ease the weight of her mourning.
As you have helped Atma and all of us, so shall I help you.
You've killed Radament, eh? That's quite a nice piece of work! If you ever need a job as a mercenary, I'd be happy to sign ya' up.
Lysander Elzix
Uh... Little of what I am able to hear is of any value. Radament's death, however, is news worth hearing. I'm sure Atma will be glad to hear of this. We ran into one of those old tomb guardians when I ran with my bandits. I know they aren't easy foes to face, so you sure have my respect. Have you told Atma yet?
Geglash Meshif
Whoah oh... 'Radament the Fallen', is it?

I've fallen off many a barstool and no one calls me 'Geglash the Fallen'. They might go so far as to say, 'Geglash, you've fallen!'
Good job mate! At night out on my ship, I was often awakened by that fiend's awful moaning, I bet I rest easier now.

Talk to Atma, and she'll confirm that vendor prices in Lut Gholein have been reduced (by 10%):

They say that the taste of vengeance is bittersweet, but I find it to my liking.

In addition to my undying gratitude, I have spoken on your behalf with the rest of the townspeople. The merchants have agreed to show their gratitude by offering their wares and services at lower rates.

Oh... Jerhyn wants to see you, too. You'll find him in front of the palace.
DII Icon Radament's Lair.png Radament's Lair
Quest completed.
DII Icon Radament's Lair.png Radament's Lair
You completed this quest in a previous game.

You can now talk to Jerhyn (again) on the steps of the palace on the other side of town, in its western corner, to activate the sixth and final quest for this Act, but there's no point in doing so before you have a Horadric Staff...