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After killing Blood Raven in the Sisters' Burial Grounds, Akara can give you your third quest. While optional, it can be worth completing for its reward (and at the very least, it can cost you gold if you don't).

It is clear that we are facing an Evil difficult to comprehend, let alone combat.

There is only one Horadrim sage, schooled in the most arcane history and lore, who could advise us... His name is Deckard Cain.

You must go to Tristram and find him, my friend. I pray that he still lives.
DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
Go through the Underground Passage to the Dark Wood, search for the Tree of Inifuss, and recover the Scroll.

If you talk to her again before leaving the camp, then she elaborates:

Tristram is too far to journey by foot... Cain would likely be dead, when you arrived. However, there is a magical portal that will take you there instantly.

To open it, one must stand within the circle of the Cairn Stones and touch them in a certain order. The proper order can be found in the runes written on the bark of the Tree of Inifuss.

You must find the sacred Tree of Inifuss and bring back its bark. I will translate the runes to unlock the Stones' mystic pattern.

If you talk to anyone else before leaving:

Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
The bark of Inifuss holds mystical runes.

Akara can translate them... into our revenge!
If you bring back the bark of Inifuss, Akara will tell you how to get to Tristram. Months ago, I came across a few survivors from Tristram. They said that Cain had gone half-mad and could no longer distinguish fact from fantasy. I would sooner micturate in a tankard of my own ale than journey to Tristram!

The entrance to the Underground Passage is at the end of the path through the Stony Field, the entrance to which is at the end of one of the three forks in the path through the Cold Plains (you may already have found it while searching for the entrance to the Burial Grounds while completing the previous quest).

Stony Field[edit]

The Stony Field is randomly populated by three of the following five monster types: Skeletons, Hungry Dead, Dark Rangers, Moon Clan (Goatmen using polearms) and Foul Crow Nests (which generate Foul Crows). There can also be encampments of Fallen Shamans, Fallen and Carvers (which cannot be raised by Fallen Shamans).

There are no forks in the path through it. However, before entering the Underground Passage Level 1, it's best to explore until you find and activate the waypoint: you'll need to return to the Cairn Stones here once you've found the Tree of Inifuss in the Dark Wood and returned to Akara with its Scroll. As you explore, you may also find the Moldy Tome, and the Stones...


Super Unique Carver (Lightning Enchanted Extra Fast)

Rakanishu and his minions guard the Cairn Stones. Due to his Unique bonuses he and his minions move quite quickly (although they'll flee just as quickly if you kill one of them) and he emits lightning bolts when hit, so melee attackers should take care. Although he doesn't need to be killed, it's probably best to do so.

Underground Passage Level 1[edit]

The Underground Passage Level 1 is randomly populated by three of the following four monster types: Carvers, Vile Hunters (Corrupt Rogues using melee weapons), Skeleton Archers and Misshapen (Tainted demons who start spitting damaging lightning balls once damaged or at range). There can also be encampments of Fallen Shamans and Fallen.

Explore until you find the entrance to the Dark Wood: if you bear left then you should first find the entrance to a second level.

Underground Passage Level 2[edit]

This is an optional, but much smaller, area, similarly populated to the previous level.

Dark Wood[edit]

The Dark Wood is randomly populated by three of the following five monster types: Carvers, Vile Hunters, Vile Lancers, Skeleton Archers and Spike Fiends. There can also be encampments of Carver Shamans and Carvers.

The path continues through it without forking until reaching the entrance to the Black Marsh. However, you'll most likely need to leave the path and explore to find the Tree of Inifuss.

Treehead Woodfist[edit]

Super Unique Brute (Extra Strong Extra Fast)

The Tree of Inifuss is in the middle of a grass-less clearing, guarded by a Wendigo and its minions: their attack is likely to be the first indication that it's nearby. They don't need to be killed, and their strength and speed can make it dangerous to try, particularly for melee attackers. You can simply click on the Tree, which activates this quest if you haven't killed Blood Raven or talked to Akara after doing so:

DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
Take the Scroll of Inifuss to Akara.

The Scroll requires 2x2 inventory space, otherwise it drops on the ground. If you're daft enough to return to camp without it:

Akara Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
How will you find Cain without going to Tristram? Finding the Tree of Inifuss is the first step on your journey. The Tree of Inifuss is hard to find, but you'll know it when you see it. Without the bark of Inifuss you can't find Cain. He who seeks that which cannot be found must look inside himself for further guidance... or look harder! Barking up the wrong tree, huh? You'll find it, just keep looking.

However, you really shouldn't return until you've also found and activated a waypoint on the far side of the Underground Passage: there's one in the Dark Wood, or you can follow the path into the Black Marsh and explore it to find another, or simply keep following the path through the Tamoe Highland to the Monastery Gate, where you can always find one in the middle of the Outer Cloister beyond.

If you return with the Scroll and talk to anyone but Akara:

Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
With this scroll you may open a portal back to Tristram. Only Akara can decipher its logic. Get this to Akara.

Only she can understand it.
This looks like gibberish to me. Akara may know what to make of it. Look, friend... I trade a lot of strange items, but I'm not going to start dealing in bark. Okay?

Talk to Akara:

Ah, very good. I have translated the runes on this scroll. You must find the Cairn Stones and touch them in the order that I have written.
DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
Go to the Cairn Stones in the Stony Field. Touch the Stones in the order found on the Scroll of Inifuss. Enter the portal to Tristram, but beware the danger that lies ahead.

If you talk to anyone before completing this quest:

Akara Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
If he still lives, Deckard Cain may be in grave peril! You must hurry to Tristram before all is lost! Deckard Cain has crucial knowledge about the Evils we face. You must find him! I have heard that Tristram is now in ruins! Without Cain I fear for the ruin of all of us. It is too dangerous to travel to Tristram. I won't be leaving here until the way is clear! I'm told that Tristram now resembles a mead hall... after a Barbarian wedding! I will wait here for your most glorious return.

Return to the Stony Field and the Cairn Stones there (watching out for Rakanishu if you haven't already encountered him). You can right-click on the Key to the Cairn Stones in your inventory to read it and then touch the Stones in the order shown, or simply touch them at random until all five have been activated. Once you've done so, the Key is removed from your inventory, the sky darkens and lightning strikes the Stones until a red portal to Tristram opens in their midst.

DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
Find and rescue Deckard Cain.


The portal transports you to the east corner of Tristram, and remains open after your arrival: its boundaries are rivers without bridges on its northwest and southeast sides, and walls on its northeast and southwest sides. Those who have played Diablo should find it similar, but different (and diminished, even if it weren't in ruins).

Tristram is randomly populated by three of the following four monster types: Carver Shamans and Carvers, Skeleton Archers, Returned Skeletons and Night Clan Goatmen. Don't touch any dead cows, as they explode and damage you.

Deckard Cain is the only survivor...


Boss (Undead Cursed)

Tristram's former blacksmith can be found in its south quadrant (as can a Unique monster and its minions). It may be an act of mercy to kill him (again), but you don't need to do so (and being cursed with Amplify Damage normally reduces you to Damage Resist -100%, doubling any physical damage). You may well be able to find and rescue Cain without ever becoming aware of him.

Cain's Gibbet is always to the west of the portal, on the southeast side of the dry well in the middle of Tristram. You may be lucky enough not to encounter any monsters on your short journey to it, but there are always Champions between the buildings on the northwest side of the well. Click on the Gibbet to free Cain: he'll open a portal back to camp, but you cannot normally use it as well and it closes behind him unless you're standing where it's cast (to the south of his Gibbet).

DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
Visit Cain and Akara in the Rogue Encampment.

You can talk to him briefly before he leaves:

Deckard Cain
I thank you, friend, for coming to my aid.

Before leaving yourself, you may want to go to the west corner of Tristram to retrieve Wirt's Leg from his body by the river, where a Carver Shaman and Carvers are always nearby. It requires 3x1 inventory space, and you should keep it in your stash as it's needed to open a portal to the Secret Cow Level once you've completed the difficulty.

Alternatively, if you kill Andariel and go east to Lut Gholein before rescuing him, then when you arrive there:

DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
You cannot complete this quest in this game. You can complete it by creating a new game.

If you talk to Cain after rescuing him, or not doing so and talking to him in Lut Gholein, or after returning from there:

Deckard Cain
As a token of my gratitude, I will identify items for you at no charge. Oh... Blessings on the Rogues! They finally rescued me from that cursed place!
Regrettably, I could do nothing to prevent the disaster which devastated Tristram. It would appear that our greatest fears have come to pass. Diablo, the Lord of Terror, has once again been set loose upon the world!

As you know, some time ago Diablo was slain beneath Tristram. And when our hero emerged triumphant from the labyrinth beneath town, we held a grand celebration that lasted several days.

Yet, as the weeks passed, our hero became increasingly aloof. He kept his distance from the rest of the townsfolk and seemed to lapse into a dark, brooding depression. I thought that perhaps his ordeal had been so disturbing that he simply could not put it out of his mind.

The hero seemed more tormented every passing day. I remember he awoke many times - screaming in the night - always something about 'the East'.

One day, he simply left. And shortly thereafter Tristram was attacked by legions of foul demons. Many were slain, and the demons left me to die in that cursed cage.

I believe now that Tristram's hero was that Dark Wanderer who passed this way before the Monastery fell.

I fear even worse, my friend... I fear that Diablo has taken possession of the hero who sought to slay him. If true, Diablo will become more powerful than ever before.

You must stop him or all will be lost.

If you rescue him yourself, he'll travel with you and identify items free of charge for the remainder of the current difficulty, and the cost of items bought in the camp is reduced by 10% (this doesn't apply to items gambled, repaired or sold by the player).

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

This discount doesn't sum with Reduces All Vendor Prices, but is applied separately: combined with Reduces All Vendor Prices 30%, the cost of items bought is normally reduced by 37% (10 + (100-10)*30/100).

If the Rogues rescue him, he charges 100 gold to identify each item (more convenient but also more expensive than using Scrolls and Tomes of Identify), and prices in the camp remain the same. You can still rescue him yourself by returning to the camp to save and exit before creating a new game: you can then do so as long as you don't leave the Act beforehand.

If you talk to anyone other than Cain or Akara when you return to camp:

Kashya Charsi Warriv Gheed
Again, you amaze me, outlander.

The Sisterhood is grateful to you for delivering Cain to us. I believe Akara has something to tell you.
Akara wishes to reward you for your bravery in returning Deckard Cain. Only a brave adventurer could return with Deckard Cain. Akara has a reward for your valor. Ah, Cain is here... another customer. I haven't been this pleased since a love-starved maiden let down a bit more than her hair.

Talk to Akara to complete this quest and receive your reward:

You have risked your life to rescue Cain. For that we thank you.

We must seek his counsel immediately.
DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
Quest completed.
DII Icon The Search for Cain.png The Search for Cain
You completed this quest in a previous game.

Your reward is a Ring: if you have no inventory space, then it drops on the ground.

Difficulty Normal Nightmare Hell
Reward Magic Ring Rare Ring Rare Ring
Item (and affix) level 7 30 60