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The basic premise of this build is to be a Spartan from the movie 300. To do this effectively, the barbarians must be throwbarbs. With those abilities they can effectively equip a javalin and a shield.

The Spartan build is a group build, meaning it is pretty much required to have more than one friend also doing this build. There are two reasons for it being a "group build": 1) to mimick the Spartans from the movie 300 and 2) this build has lower overall damage until very late in the game and each additional Spartan can have a different yell specialty.

This is not a viable build for real play; treat it as a challenge or role playing build.


  1. At all times you will want to play your Spartan group build as a team. When you die, you died for a reason and must find a way around it. If a mob or boss is too strong, leveling is the only answer.
  2. No rushing, no outside help beyond your additional characters. Rushing this group build takes away the challenge, you must fight your way to victory! Outside help is allowed however, everyone loves low level item perks. Weapons won't be of much use anyways since you'll be focusing on throwables.
  3. Only throwable weapons: javelin and large shield are most honorable. True Spartans are those who use only javelins and shields; preferably large shields. Sadly this means they will be much weaker than most others. If you want the greatest challenge, be a True Spartan! To make the easiest type of Spartan build, focus on throwing axes.


Throwbarbs have low damage, its their main weakness. To combat this, dexterity and attack rating are primary focuses simply because if you can't even hit your enemy, you're not going to have a chance.

Speed is also key; equipment that gives bonuses to attack speed and attack rating are emphasized for this build. When using the frenzy/double swing combo, it makes a difference.

Life/Mana leech: if you can get a throwbarb with these equipment buffs, well then you're going to do well. Mana is key, however life leech with mana leech will pretty much make you invincible at lower levels. Since this build is not meant to be rushed, "lower levels" will probably range between 28 and 40.


The best way to build the attributes of a Spartan is to put all five points into your choice each level.

  • Strength/Dexterity: You'll be switching between Strength and Dexterity pretty regularly because Strength is necessary for your weapons and armor, and Dexterity is extremely vital for your weapon use but also attack rating which will help with your throws.
  • Vitality: A small boost is necessary; a low life barb is not a good thing however as a Spartan your ranged attacks will used the most so dodging will be key compared to running head on into battle.
  • Energy: Not required for this build, don't put any points into it, however energy boosting items can come in handy. Only use energy items if nothing better can be used.


Combat Skills[edit]

  • Bash: 1
  • Double Swing: 20
  • Double Throw: 10
  • Frenzy: 1

Combat Masteries[edit]

  • Axe Mastery: 20 (If primary weapon is a Throwing-Axe)
  • Throwing Mastery: 20
  • Increased Stamina: 1
  • Increased Speed: 1
  • Iron Skin: 1
  • Natural Resistance: 1


  • Howl: 1

Choose one of the following to specialize in (put 10 into):

  • Shout
  • Battle Cry
  • Battle Orders
  • Battle Command

Point Order[edit]

Place your points based on the table below.

  • : Place all available points here.
  • Ω: Skill maxed (or soon to be).
Level(s) Skill
1 Bash
2 Howl
3 Axe Mastery
4–5 Save
6 Double Swing ☼
7 Throwing Mastery
8 Shout or Taunt
9 Axe Mastery
10 Throwing Mastery
11 Double Swing
12 Double Throw
13 Increased Stamina
14–15 Double Throw
15–17 Throwing Mastery
18 Battle Cry or Iron Skin
19 Iron Skin or Throwing Mastery
20–23 Throwing Mastery
24 Frenzy
25 Battle Orders or Increased Speed
26 Increased Speed or Throwing Mastery
27–29 Throwing Mastery
30 Battle Command or Natural Resistance
31–36 Throwing Mastery Ω
37–38 Throwing Mastery or Double Swing
39–53 Double Swing Ω
54–55 Double Swing or Axe Mastery
56–60 Iron Skin or Natural Resistance
61–99 Axe Mastery, Double Throw