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Harrogath, like other towns, is occupied by several nonplayer characters who offer quests and information and who assist with weapons, armor, healing items, and repair. Explore Harrogath to find several useful citizens.



Speak with Larzuk to purchase weapons and armor. Also, if you need to repair damage to a weapon or armor, seek Larzuk out for repair. You must also talk with Larzuk to begin the first quest in Act V.


Speak with Malah to receive information on Baal and his movements. She offers healing and potions and provides information on the other inhabitants of Harrogath. You'll also find the town portal and identify scrolls among her wares.


Speak with Nihlathak for the ability to gamble on unidentified weapons, armor, and magic items. You need to do this early in Act V if you wish to conduct business with Nihlathak specifically. Initiate the second and then the third quest in Act V to begin to discover why.

Deckard Cain[edit]

He made the trip from the Pandemonium Fortress to Harrogath! As in the other acts, Deckard Cain provides information on the town and its people, and he offers the ability to identify items for free.


Although she doesn't begin Act V inside Harrogath, Anya plays an important role. Once she arrives in Harrogath (see quest three), Anya assumes the role of shopkeeper and gambling specialist and offers some fantastic quest rewards.


He's the senior man-at-arms in Harrogath. Though he seems to serve no purpose at the beginning of Act V, Qual-Kehk offers hirelings for your quests once you complete a mission for him.


  1. Siege On Harrogath
  2. Rescue on Mount Arreat
  3. Prison of Ice
  4. Betrayal of Harrogath
  5. Rite of Passage
  6. Eve of Destruction


Arreat Plateau[edit]

Arreat Summit[edit]

Worldstone Keep[edit]

Act V Waypoints[edit]

  • Harrogath
  • Frigid Highlands
  • Arreat Plateau
  • Crystalline Passage
  • Glacial Trail
  • Halls of Pain
  • Frozen Tundra
  • The Ancients' Way
  • Worldstone Keep, Level 2


After defeating Diablo in the Chaos Sanctuary to complete Act IV, open a town portal and return to the Pandemonium Fortress. Speak with Tyrael at the top of the fortress near the waypoint. He opens a portal to Harrogath where you and your party will face off against Baal and his minions. Be prepared for your toughest battles yet!

Tyrael: "Praise by to the Light! You have accomplished the impossible. Diablo and Mephisto have been banished back into the Black Abyss that spawned them, and the corrupted Soulstones are no more. However, while you were fighting here, Baal remained behind in the mortal realm, building an army of hellish minions. Now, Baal's army is searching for the Worldstone, the ancient source of all the Soulstones and their power, while leaving behind a wake of destruction. They have forged deeply into the barbarian homelands, heading directly for the summit of Mount Arreat! Baal knows, mortal hero! That is the very site of the blessed Worldstone! Now, enter the portal I have opened for you. It will take you to the barbarian city of Harrogath, the last bastion of order on the slopes of Arreat."

Begin Act V by speaking with Larzuk, the local blacksmith who's a little wary of your abilities. Prove your hero's stature by taking out one of Baal's generals in command of some nearby catapults raining fire and death down on the people of Harrogath.