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  • Age: 17
  • Height: 174 cm (5' 7")
  • Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O

Ayato (アヤト) is the oldest of the Sakamaki triplets, the first son of Cordelia and the third son of Karlheinz. He is extremely self-centered and believes himself to be the best at everything, though this was due to a childhood of abuse at the hands of his mother. Ayato is also quite childish and throughout his route proves to be very possessive of Yui, showing a great amount of jealousy when his brothers attempt to interact with her (particularly his fellow triplets, Kanato and Laito).

Dark 1 痛いから (It'll be painful)
2 毒を吸い出すなんて危ないよ (It's dangerous to suck out the poison)
3 とりあえず探してみよう (I'll look for the time being)
4 怖くないんだから! (I'm not afraid!)
5 ありがとう (Thank you)
6 使わせてもらうね (I'll use it)
7 やれるもんなら (Do it then) S
言う通りにする (I'll do as you say) M
8 ごめんなさい (I'm sorry) M
来ないで! (Don't come!) S
9 飲ませてあげる (Give him a sip) S
カップを手渡す (Hand him the cup) M
10 ロザリオを突き付ける (Show him the rosary) S
ロザリオを隠す (Hide the rosary) M
Maniac 1 しゃがみこむ (Crouch down)
2 消しゴムを手渡す (Hand him the eraser)
3 四つん這いになる (Get on all fours)
4 やってみようかな (Give it a try)
5 足 (Legs)
6 味見をしてもらう (I'll taste it myself)
7 私は構わないけど (I don't care) S
それは…… (That's...) M
8 身体の力を抜く (Yield to him) M
抵抗する (Resist) S
9 目を閉じる (Close my eyes) M
振り払う (Shake him off) S
10 逃げる (Escape) M
自分でハチミツを舐める (Lick the honey myself) S
Ecstasy 1 手繋いで (Accept the cuff)
2 送って行っただけ (I led him to his room)
3 ごめんなさい (I'm sorry)
4 説得する (Convince him)
5 アヤトを蹴る (Kick him)
6 吸われても死なないから (I won't die from this)
7 実は…… (In fact...) S
大丈夫 (Alright) M
8 アヤトを警戒する (Guard against Ayato) M
アヤトに近づく (Approach Ayato) S
9 繰り返す (Repeat the announcement) S
放送を切る (Cut the mic) M
10 ライトを見る (I see the light) S
アヤトを見る (I see Ayato) M