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  • Age: 17
  • Height: 165 cm (5' 4")
  • Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O

Kanato (カナト) is the middle child of the Sakamaki triplets, the second son of Cordelia and the fourth son of Karlheinz. He is very attached to his plush bear, "Teddy", and is always talking to it, though in his route, he becomes quite attached to Yui as well. Is known for his mood swings; if something doesn't go his way, he won't hesitate to display a violent outburst, though he tends to be sadistic even when calm. However, Kanato tends to show a child-like innocence that his brothers lack, such as crying when Teddy tears. As such, despite his treatment of her, Yui tends to be protective of him and tolerates his behavior in a manner not shown to his brothers.

Dark 1 フレンチトースト (French toast)
2 ごめんなさい (I'm sorry)
3 白駒だね (The white pieces)
4 声がするほうへ向かう (I headed toward the voice)
5 カナトくん! (Kanato-kun!)
6 理由を聞く (I ask why)
7 行かないで (Don't go) M
自分でやって (Do it yourself) S
8 甘えないで (Be independent) S
そんなことないよ (Not really) M
9 余計なお世話 (It's none of your business) S
ありがとう (Thank you) M
10 ごめんなさい (I'm sorry) M
謝ってるでしょう (I would have apologized) S
Maniac 1 頭を撫でる (Pat his head)
2 近づく (Approach him)
3 カナトくんのもの (They are Kanato-kun's)
4 テディをふりほどく (Break free from Teddy)
5 話題を振る (Change the topic)
6 心配してくれてる? (Are you worrying about me?)
7 抱きしめ返す (Return hug) M
気のせいだと言う (It's my imagination) S
8 わかる (I understand) S
わからない (I don't understand) M
9 忘れた (I forgot) M
覚えてる (I remember) S
10 悪くない (Not bad) S
気持ち悪い (Disgusting) M
Ecstasy 1 食料 (Food)
2 黙る (Be quiet)
3 キスをして (A kiss)
4 何をスピーチするの? (What kind of speech?)
5 もう一度言って (Say that again)
6 カナトくんのため (For Kanato-kun)
7 怖い (Scary) M
可愛い (Cute) S
8 舌を出す (Stick tongue out) M
舌を出してもらう (Pull his tongue out) S
9 もう喋らない (I won't talk to them anymore) M
火を消して (Stop the fire) S
10 幸せそう (Happy) S
寂しそう (Lonely) M