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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 183 cm (6')
  • Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O

Reiji (レイジ) is the second son of Beatrix and biological brother to Shuu. He is the second oldest of the household, though he acts as the oldest due to Shuu's laziness, to the point that Yui even mistakes him as such. He proves his intelligence whenever he helps Yui with her homework or beats her at chess games, and strives for cleanliness. Despite these qualities, he was heavily neglected as a child in favor of his mother's first son, Shuu. He despises Shuu more than any of the other brothers for this reason, and so carries the philosophy that if something is not perfect, then it does not deserve to be cared for.

Dark 1 全部飲まなくてよかった (I'm glad I didn't drink it at all)
2 ありがとうございます (Thank you)
3 よろしくお願いします (Thank you)
4 謝ったほうがいい? (Would an apology be good?)
5 わかりました (I understand)
6 終わるよう努力する (I'll strive to finish)
7 やめて! (Stop it!) S
何を言っても無駄 (It would be a waste to say anything) M
8 怖い (It's scary) M
怖くない (It's not scary) S
9 嫌よ (No way) S
わかりました (I understand) M
10 あの穀潰し (That good-for-nothing) S
シュウさん (Shuu-san) M
Maniac 1 謝る (Apologize)
2 大人しく出て行く (Leave quietly)
3 大型ナイフ (The large knife)
4 座りこむ (Sit down)
5 甘んじて受け入れる (Accept)
6 三拍子 (Three times)
7 引っ掻く (Scratch him) S
叫ぶ (Shout) M
8 捨てる (Throw it away) S
断る (Refuse) M
9 血を吸うつもりでは? (Are you going to suck the blood?) M
傷口に毒を塗るつもりでは? (Are you going to put poison in the wound?) S
10 言うことを聞く (To hear you say that) M
言うことを聞かない (Not to hear you say that) S
Ecstasy 1 ありがとう! (Thanks a lot!)
2 やめて! (Stop it!)
3 ありがとう…… (Thank you... ...)
4 その通り (Yes)
5 見たくない (I hate to see this)
6 どういうこと? (What do you mean?)
7 気持ちは分かる (I understand how you feel) M
なんで死なせてくれなかった (I don't know why you didn't let me die) S
8 やっぱり寂しい (I'm lonely after all) M
そんなことない (Certainly not) S
9 降ろして! (Let me go!) S
もう少しこのままで…… (I want it to stay as it is for a little more... ...) M
10 確かにそうかも (I'm certain of it) M
勘違いでしょ (It's probably a misunderstanding) S