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  • Age: 16
  • Height: 178 cm (5' 8")
  • Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A

Subaru (スバル) is the youngest of the Sakamaki brothers and the only son of Christa. He gets extremely violent when angered, though he tends to primarily take his anger out on furniture and walls. Despite all this, he doesn't hurt Yui carelessly as his brothers do, possibly making him the tamest. In truth, much of his violent outbursts come from his own self-loathing, and unlike his brothers, he doesn't take pride in being a vampire. Because of this, he tends to distance himself from Yui out of fear that she will become a vampire just like him.

Dark 1 じっと見つめる (Stare at him)
2 抵抗する (Resist)
3 可愛く見える (He looks cute)
4 ここから出よう (Let's get out of here)
5 お礼を言う (Thank him)
6 スバルに駆け寄る (Run up to Subaru)
7 私に会いたかったの? (You wanted to see me?) S
私の勝手でしょ (I can go wherever I want) M
8 単純ね (It's true) S
恥ずかしい (I'm embarassed) M
9 どっちもいらない (I don't need that) S
は、背後から…… (That is, from behind...) M
10 自分で動く (Do it myself) M
スバルくんにお願い (Ask for Subaru-kun) S
Maniac 1 つまらなくない? (Isn't that boring?)
2 選ばない (Don't choose)
3 平謝り (Apologize profusely)
4 噛みつく (Bite him)
5 正直に言う (Answer honestly)
6 逃げる! (Run away!)
7 壊れるなら…… (If you break me...) S
そんなの嫌 (That would be unpleasant) M
8 起きあがる (Get up) M
気になる (I'm worried about you) S
9 スバルくんのせい (It's because of Subaru-kun) M
スバルくんも熱くなれば? (Did Subaru-kun become hot?) S
10 触れる (Touch him) S
顔を背ける (Turn away) M
Ecstasy 1 逃げる (Escape)
2 じゃあスバルくんも (So even Subaru-kun)
3 落ちた白薔薇の花弁を拾う (Pick up the white rose petals that fell)
4 スバルくん (Subaru-kun)
5 違う (Disagree)
6 癒したい (I want to treat you)
7 何を! (What!) M
手を添える (Lend a hand) S
8 雰囲気が (Atmosphere) M
目や髪の色が (Hair and eye colors) S
9 袖を掴む (Grab his sleeve) M
鼻で笑う (Laugh at him) S
10 吸血とか? (Are you going to suck my blood?) M
分かるわ (I know) S