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After the introduction you're given your first quest, spotting the Bird with white feather. First climb the ladder as instructed. Once you reach the top some wolves arrive and the two mercenaries run off. First, you'll need some weapons. Look around the tower for two picklocks, then use them on the chest (combination: RRR) for 3 picklocks, 1 nail club, and 20 arrows. Equip the nail club.

Now look around. Under the broken table you should see a glowing object. It's a horn. Blow the horn by activating it and holding the keys down. If you've blown it long enough you'll see a short cutscene of some Scavengers coming and then being chased by the wolves. If you didn't you'll merely be told "nothing happens". You can now safely climb down from the tower. This horn is crucial to Karkamakk searches for a special horn, so hang onto it. From the direction you're facing take the path straight ahead. Don't turn anywhere. Near the end are some Bloodflies; avoid them for now by going in a wide circle. Up ahead is a wall with a gate. Go through it.

Continue up the path. A guard will explain the smith is looking for you. Just after that you'll see a man named Alwin. If you ask him about the trap he'll tell you none of the men here have an agenda other than to serve their leader, Berengar. Head down the stairs and follow the path. Stick to the path and you'll pass through an arch, then shortly after that you'll see (and hear) the smithy on your right. Go in and talk to the smith. He tasks you with being his Steel transport.