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Ancient Lake[edit]

Ancient Lake Track Map

Boost from the start-line to ensure you hit the line of bananas first, grabbing three if possible. Collect the blue balloon and hug the inside of the track, pulling out only to take the innermost banana from the line of three. Continue on the inside of the corner until you hit the zipper, aiming for the grass with the blue balloon. Make sure you get a blue boost, and just as it's running out you'll be collecting the balloon which should be used immediately. This boost will propel you right into the path of a third blue balloon, collect it and kiss the apex of the corner before hitting the zipper. As your zipper boost runs out, use your power-up and shoot over the finish line.

The only hazard to look out for is a marauding dinosaur near the pool in the latter third of the course. He won't squash you, but you'll be stopped in your tracks if you hit him, thankfully he's easily avoided.

  1. Plough through the bananas at the start and head straight on.
  2. Grab the blue balloon and bananas before starting the turn.
  3. Drive straight on from coin 2.
  4. Perform a small powerslide around the corner to ensure collection.
  5. Skip the zipper and stay on the track, hitting the bananas beforehand.
  6. Grab the coin and blue balloon in succession.
  7. Stick to the right of the track.
  8. Hit the zipper and stay in the middle of the track.
Track Times
  • Meet TT: 1:07.00
  • Beat TT: 1:01.28
  • Developers: 0:53.43

Fossil Canyon[edit]

DKR Fossil Canyon.png

After the second zipper, the track turns to the right, but there's a zipper on the sand. Release A button just before reaching it, and you'll jump across the lake, saving a few seconds.

  1. Right of the first zipper.
  2. Past the two green ballons, near the left of the track.
  3. Just past the second zipper, in the middle.
  4. On the sand, where you use a zipper to jump the lake.
  5. In front of the zipper int eh tunnel, just after the balloons.
  6. Follow the track - found in the middle.
  7. Before the track branches slightly, on approach to the upper path.
  8. At the end of the branch, at the lower path. (It's possible to grab 7/8 in one lap)
Track Times
  • Meet TT: 1:37.00
  • Beat TT: 1:30.18
  • Developers: 1:21.55

Jungle Falls[edit]

Jungle Falls Track Map
  1. Right after start; best obtained on the second lap.
  2. On the outside of the track, before the hard right turn.
  3. Before the bridge on the left. Be careful as you may fall in the water - if you do, try boosting before you fall.
  4. In the middle of the bridge.
  5. Left of the tunnel entrance
  6. In the middle of the track, past the zipper.
  7. Right before the zipper located in the skeletal mouth.
  8. On the left, before the finish.
Track Times
  • Meet TT: 1:08.00
  • Beat TT: 1:02.50
  • Developers: 0:54.13

Hot-Top Volcano[edit]

Hot Top Volcano Trak Map
  1. After the start, located behind the pillar.
  2. After the left turn, take the left tunnel.
  3. Above the lava river, in the middle of the track.
  4. In the middle.
  5. After the zipper, at the top of the track above the rock bridge.
  6. At the end of the river.
  7. At the zipper just after the circling dinosaur.
  8. At the second zipper just after the circling dinosaur.
Track Times
  • Meet TT: 1:35.00
  • Beat TT: 1:30.71
  • Developers: 1:22.48


Boss Circuit[edit]

Boss Circuit

A set of bushes marks a shortcut that you should use. You can recognize it ahead of time by the rock outcropping and a blue balloon.

On the second challenge, the triceratops moves slightly faster, and some stone pillars will try crashing down. In addition, there is no booster in the shortcut.