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This is the final Boss Circuit on Timber's Island. Once you have defeated all four of the bosses from the various worlds, you will find that the giant pig's head in the south of the island (in the central area, where the elephant hangs around) has changed colour and now sits with its mouth open. Change into plane mode and fly in.

General Tips[edit]

Wizpig is, appropriately enough, the hardest boss to beat. If you pass him, don't expect it to last. This race is not about getting ahead and staying ahead, this race is about inching up and passing him for just long enough to cross the finish line. There are no balloons and it is almost impossible to find a good "inside track" run. There are only three strategy skills that matter here:


It is very easy to go off course, or to miss a zipper here, so it is vital that you can control your steering. For this reason, I find it best to play as Pipsy. Having a low top speed (compared to a character like Krunch) is less important than being able to steer for this race. If you miss a zipper, or if you hit the water, then you won't defeat Wizpig this time around.

Get the green boost on every zipper

This trick works for all of the characters during any race, but it is almost essential against Wizpig. As you approach a zipper, take your finger off the accelerator, and then just press the button again (don't hold it down, just tap it) as you cross the zipper. The flames at the back of your car will be green instead of pink, and you'll get an extra boost. If you're holding down the accelerator at this point, then the boost will fade. If you lay off the accelerator until the flames go, then it will last slightly longer.

Starting boost

You can get an additional boost at the beginning of the race, if you tap the accelerator while the words "Get Ready" are fading. The more faded the words are, the bigger the boost. The biggest starting boost you can get has blue flames.


Begin by aiming to get the blue starting boost as the words "Get Ready" fade. You will lose this lead very quickly, but it is possible to prolong it. If you get in front of Wizpig's left foot in just the right way, he will kick you along ahead of him for a bit (This is risky, as if he tramples on you, you will stop momentarily and be delayed). It's not essential to do this. Whatever you do, he will be ahead of you by the time you're going over the short bridge. He will increase his lead as you cross the giant log - this will happen in every lap. Don't worry about it, just concentrate on driving. Stay on the paved road, grass will slow you down. Stay in the centre of the big log as you cross it - it's easy to fall off.

First Zipper

Make sure you hit each and every zipper, and try to get the green boost on most of them (it's OK if you only get a pink boost for one or two) - see above for details. The zippers are the only way you will win this race. The first zipper takes you over a stretch of grass. You will then jump a bit of water and hit a ramp going up. Follow the ramp around to the right.

Second Zipper

The land gives way to a small wooden platform. The second zipper is on the platform. Hit it, and make sure you get a green boost. It will send you up and over the next ramp, which bends left and then right. If you keep your finger off the accelerator while you have the green boost (concentrate on steering only), you'll find that you get an extra bit of time with your boost, and it will carry you around the ramp almost to the next zipper.

Third Zipper

The third, fourth and fifth zippers are the ones which will enable you to win the race. The third zipper can be tricky to hit (unless you're Pipsy), don't worry about aligning yourself perfectly on it. Just use it to get you past the water to the next bit of road.

Fourth Zipper

Just after the boost from the third zipper has faded, align yourself with the fourth zipper: don't aim directly forward, come at it from the right hand side and make sure you're aiming a little left of centre, toward the left-hand side of the island ahead of you. Try for a green boost (but don't panic if you just get the pink one).

Fifth Zipper

This is the point where you will begin to be capable of passing Wizpig. The fifth zipper is on the little island that you've just jumped to thanks to the fourth zipper. If you've aligned yourself properly with the fourth zipper (it may take a few tries), then you should be able to hit the fifth one, and cross the next bit of water to a green hill. The momentum should carry you across yet another bit of water onto the road. If you've gotten green boosts all the way through, then Wizpig should be either above or behind you at this stage. Don't worry if he's still a bit ahead of you on the first lap.

Sixth Zipper

Continue along the stretch of road. The sixth zipper is somewhere in the centre of the road. It can boost you up and over the next bit of water, onto the final stretch of road that curves around to the finish line. You may find that you are ahead of Wizpig right up to the finish line itself - feel proud of yourself, that's what will eventually win you the race. But first you need to cover two more laps.

Wizpig will overtake you, and be well ahead of you by the time you come back to that big log near the start of the race, but don't concern yourself with this. Just repeat the above procedure on the second lap, and then again on the third. You will over take him again, and he will overtake you again, but if you've hit every zipper, gotten enough green boosts and stayed on the track, then you will pass him just before the sixth zipper on the final lap, and win the race.


After defeating Wizpig, the Island's residents will be having a bit of a party down by the shoreline.

Then you will see Wizpig sneak out from behind the lighthouse (this is a clue…). His ship will zoom down and start shooting at the celebration, and then it will beam him up and take him away. Then the credits roll.

Seems an odd way to end the game, doesn't it?

Well, the game's not over.

Next time you're on Timber's Island, make sure you get the gold cup in each of the long races.

Once you have the four cups, go down to the spot where the animals had their celebration, and honk at the sign. The lighthouse will become a rocket ship, and give you access to the fifth world, Future Fun Land. Now you can chase Wizpig back to his home base, and defeat him on his own ground.