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Die Hard Trilogy
Box artwork for Die Hard Trilogy.
Developer(s)Probe Entertainment
Publisher(s)Fox Interactive
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Shooter, Racing
System(s)PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Windows
Mode(s)Single player
ESRB: ESRB M.png Mature
Followed byDie Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas
SeriesDie Hard
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Die Hard Trilogy is an action game for the PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Windows. It follows the first three movies, with each chapter involving a different game genre. It was followed by a sequel, Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas.

Each movie can be selected at the beginning, where each selection provides different gameplay. The first, Die Hard, is a third-person shooter where the main character engaged enemies while rescuing hostages. The second game, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, is a rail shooter presented similarly to Light gun games found in arcades. The third game, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, has the player driving around the city to reach and disarm bombs before they explode.

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