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Dig Dug Arrangement title screen.png

Once you have inserted your coin into the cabinet of Namco's 1996 compilation arcade game Namco Classics Collection Vol. 2 and pressed either Start Button, the game selection menu shall appear upon Pac-Man; once you have pushed the joystick to the left to select Dig Dug and pressed the button to confirm your choice, the Dig Dug mode selection menu shall appear on "Original" mode (a recreated version of the original Dig Dug), so you will have to push your joystick to the right to select "Arrangement" mode, and press the button to confirm your choice. Once you have done so, the text of "PUSH 1P OR 2P START BUTTON" will appear on the screen - and you will now have to press either Start Button to start the game, 1P as the original white-suited Dig Dug, or 2P as the new yellow-suited version of him. Once you have done so, the text "WELCOME!" shall appear on the screen, before it fades into a Tank Force-style overworld map (with the title "WORLD of DIGDUG") showing the Dig Dugs' starting position; as mentioned on the Getting Started page the two-player mode of this game is semi-cooperative (for you'll have to work together, to kill all the enemies), but one player can pump the other one up until he explodes for 10000 points, or drop a rock on him (in which case, the text "Betrayer!" will appear on the screen). If you take too long over clearing a round the text "Hurry Up!" will appear on the screen and the remaining enemies will speed up - and if you take too long after this, a Ghost, which is not the same as the ones from the Pac-Man series, will appear in the top-left, or top-right for 2P, corner of the screen and fly towards your Dig Dug's current position. Although you can just move out of its way it will fly towards your new position shortly after it stops moving and continue to do so until you either kill the last enemy (or he escapes off the left side of the screen); in a two-player game, you will have to deal with two Ghosts at once if you take too long after the "Hurry Up!" warning. At the end of a round in a two-player game the text "RESULT" will appear on the screen with the number of enemies both players killed by pumping, rock-dropping and Cosmo Ball-dropping (however, on many rounds there are no Cosmo Balls so for those rounds it'll always be 0 for both players) below it - and the amount of points that both players scored for that round will also get displayed below them, and the text "1P/2P Win!" will now appear at the bottom of the screen, depending on which player had got the higher score. The screen will now fade back to the overworld map with a red, or turquoise for 2P sign showing the winning Dig Dug's head over the conquered square before it shows the Dig Dugs' new position; in two-player games, the amount of squares both players have conquered will get displayed in the bottom-left corner of the map whenever it is displayed.