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Every Digimon starts out with their default skills for their species. New skills can be gained by Digivolving and DNA-Digivolving.


  • Skill Name: The name of the specific Attack, Counter-Attack, Interrupt, or Assist that is being defined.
  • Description: The skill description straight from the game.
  • Special Effects: If a skill has any odd or extra details or abilities they will be listed here.
  • Cost: All skills cost MP. The more MP a skill costs the stronger it will be.
  • Digimon: What Digimon naturally know this skill.


Attacks damage an opposing digimon. More expensive attacks can also have special effects like hitting all opponents or causing a status effect.

Note: An attack with a speciall ability will do less total damage compared to one of the same cost without any abilities.

Skill Name Description Special Effects Cost Digimon
Blaze Blast Shoots a Breath of Fire MP 10 Tyrannomon
Black Pearl Shot Attacks with no defense MP 4 Syakomon
Blue Blaster Shoots a fireball MP 4 Gabumon
Bolt Strike Fires a frozen missile MP 6 Goburimon
Boom Bubble Shoots a boom bubble MP 6 Patamon
Dark Shot Fires an organic missile MP 18 Skullgreymon
Darkness Gear Fires a gear MP 8 Hagurumon
Demi Dart Lowers enemy MP a little Reduces target’s MP MP 8 Demidevimon
E-Stun Blast Stuns foe with a blast May paralyze target MP 8 Gazimon
Electric Shock Fires an electric burst MP 8 Betamon
Electro Thread Shoots electric threads MP 8 Kunemon
Fire Blast Shoots a fire blast Hits all enemies MP 18 Darktyrannomon
Flame Bomber Shoots a fireball MP 6 Candlemon
Flower Cannon Fires Flower Energy Blast MP 16 Lilimon
Friendly Fire Enemies attack themselves Cures confusion MP 4 Tsukaimon
Giga Blaster Fires an organic missile MP 18 Metalgreymon
Hail Storm Attacks with a hail storm MP 8 Snowagumon
Hydro Blaster Sprays water MP 12 Shellmon
Hyper Cannon Fires a cannon MP: 12 Tankmon
Ice Blast Shoot IceBlades at all foes Hits all enemies MP 18 Seadramon
Lightning Spear Fires a Lightning Bolt MP 16 MegaSeadramon
Marching Fishes A small fish storm attack MP 6 Gomamon
Pepper Breath Shoots a Fireball MP 8 Agumon
Poison Ivy Poisons foe with poison ivy May poison target MP 8 Palmon
Rain of Pollen Covers enemy with pollen MP 6 Floramon
Rock Fist Shoots big rock at enemy MP 8 Gotsumon
S-Thunder Smack Hits foe with lightning bolt MP 6 Elecmon
Sonic Crusher Launches confusing soundwaves May confuse target MP: 12 Gekomon
Spiral Twister Shoots a fireball MP 6 Biyomon
Scissor Magic Scissors attack MP 6 Crabmon
Spiral Saw Attacks with back fin MP 8 Gizamon
Stun Bubble Confuses foe with bubbles May confuse target MP 8 Otamamon
Super Shocker Shoots elec. at foes Attacks a random enemy MP 6 Tentomon
Super Slap Slaps an enemy Damage only MP 6 Penguinmon
Toy Flame Shoots flame blocks MP 6 ClearAgumon
Tri-Horn Attack Attacks with a Horn MP 16 Triceramon
Vee Head Butt A head butt attack MP 8 Veemon
Volcanic Strike Shoots Fireballs MP 12 Monochromon
Waking Dream Nightmare attacks foe MP 4 Tapirmon


Counter-Attacks either will do more damage if a specific condition is met or will only do any damage if attacked by an opponent.

Skill Name Description Special Effects Cost Digimon
Beast King Fist Damage return on counter attack MP 12 Leomon
Buffalo Breath Confuses foe on counter attack Confuses enemy MP 10 Raremon
Energetic Bomb Counter attack hits all foes Hits all enemies MP 20 Metalmamemon
Meteor Stream Counter attack hits all foes Hits all enemies MP 12 Starmon
Needle Spray Counter attack with poison Poisons enemy MP 10 Togemon
Pummel Whack Uses foe's MP for counter MP 20 Ogremon
Smiley Bomb Causes more damage as a counter attack MP 16 Mamemon
Smiley Warhead Counter attacks all foes Hits all enemies MP 40 Princemamemon
Tail Blade Avoid attack while resting MP 18 Scorpiomon
Thunder Ball Stuns foe in counter attack Stuns enemy MP 10 Wizardmon


When the enemy attacks, you will be asked if you want to interrupt it, if you choose yes, the Digimon will attack the enemy before he does.

Skill Name Description Special Effects Cost Digimon
Chrono Breaker Delays foe's attacks The interrupted digimon will attack in the end of the current turn MP 14 Clockmon
Electro Shocker Lowers power of foe's attack MP 12 Kabuterimon
Giga Scissor Claw Disables enemy attack The foe will not attack in the current turn MP 40 Okuwamon
Horn Buster Lowers offensive power greatly MP 20 MetalGreymon
Life Shield Defends Digimon MP 6 Goburimon
MP Destroyer Weakens foe's attack; Digimon gains MP MP 12 Tekkamon
MP Magic Recovers MP used for tech MP 4 BlueMeramon
Venom Infusion Stuns enemy with fear MP 40 V-Myotismon
Wing Blade Fires a vacuum blade MP 20 Megadramon


Assist skills aid your team and/or hinder your foes. Healing and stat altering skills are the most common of this type.

Skill Name Description Special Effects Cost Digimon
Fungus Cruncher Poisons foe Poisons foe MP 8 Mushroomon
Invisibility Excludes from enemy attack MP 8 Dokunemon
Small HP Cure Digimon small HP recovery MP 6 ClearAgumon