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Controls in Digimon World DS are divided into 3 main groups: World, Battle and Menu


"World" refers to anywhere not battle or menu. This is the group where you walk and interact with people/digimon.

Key Function
Neutral dpad Walk around
A button Talk to people/digimon (who are in front of you)
A button (Hold during conversation) Make text roll faster.
Start button Pause and bring up the Digivice Menu.


"Battle" refers to a situation where your digimon fight other digimon. When you walk in a dungeon, digimon will randomly appear and fight you. (Much like in RPG and Pokémon games)

Key Function
Up dpad and Down dpad Navigate actions, attacks, etc.
Left dpad and Right dpad Navigate move locations or attack ranges.
A button Confirm/Choose action/move location/attack/attack range
B button Deny and go back to the previous menu.
Stylus button All of the key actions.


"Menus" refer to shops, the Digivice Menu, etc.

Key Function
Neutral dpad Navigate menu items.
A button Confirm a menu item
B button Deny and go back one menu.