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First, choose a room. There will be three virus Data and Vaccines; as you progress, there will be more. The Battle system is a rather strange one; you pick your Digimon, all of which must come together to create an amount of 100 Giga Bites (the Digimon Form of weight). Then, you will be able to choose items to use in battle. Finally, you will battle a set of Digimon from the room you chose. Each move you make and each move they make: 1) Automatically hits, 2) raises your power points and their power points, and 3) if your power points are at 100%, allows you to super attack. After the battle, if you win you will receive money or an item and sometimes unlock items in the store. After defeating all of the Digimon in the 3 different rooms you will unlock new rooms and in the end defeat the game.