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Even though Digital Monster Ver.WonderSwan is only available in Japanese a lot of its titles in the menus are in English.

Title screen menu[edit]

  • Reboot: Load game data.
  • Customize: Set preferences.
  • Museum: View past Digimon raised.


Clock change

The Clock change option changes game speed.

  • Top
  • High
  • Middle
  • Low
  • Lowest
Music format

Choose and play background music from the game.

  • Title
  • Launcher
  • Laboratory
  • Training
  • Unit register
  • Battle
  • Boss
  • Final battle
  • Application
  • Digital net
  • History
  • Ending
  • Staff roll
  • Birth
  • Evolution
  • Dead_Required
  • Win!!!
  • Lose
  • Result
Data format

Used to erase the save file if one exists. You will permanently loose any Digimon that you have been training if this option is chosen.


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