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Glock 34 Pistol Pump action Shotgun H&K Grenade Launcher

If you begin on "Easy", then you receive all three weapons, fully loaded. If you play as "Normal" then you only receive the Handgun, loaded with 17 bullets.

All of the weapons can be upgraded at least once. The handgun receives slides, and sights to increase power and accuracy. The shotgun receives a stock for quicker loading, and a barrel for extra power. The grenade gun merely receives a stock, for much quicker firing. The Handgun can take two types of bullets, 9mm Parabellums, and .45 S&W rounds. The shotgun had Slag and SG rounds, of which the Slag are more destructive. Also, poison darts, which have an instant kill on many enemies, van be equipped, as can Tranquilser darts. The Grenade Launcher can receive Greande rounds, which are high- explosive, or Heat rounds, which spray fire. The ammo for the guns is spread around the game, with the more destructive ammo in the later areas.

Chose weapons and ammo carefully. Its no good using a Poison Dart againest a raptor. Save them in E-Boxs, for use againest more powerful foes.