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Part One[edit]

After a few cutscenes, Vincent comes out of the lorry and has to face two robots. The best way to deal with these two is to shoot them from afar with the Cerberus and the medium barrel. Sometimes the robot stops moving, and that's an indicator of when it's powering up its rocket launchers. The rockets are rather slow, so you can shoot them down or dodge them (shooting them down is better, though.). Once you've defeated the two robots, another robot jumps out at you. Defeat the robot to get the card key. There's a mako point near the laser gate, go through that and open the lasergate with your new card key.

This next section is very linear, just make your way along the pathway, defeating the enemies as you go along. There seems to be an odd bird-like enemy, it might even be a chocobo - either way, just attack frome a short distance and it'll either run away or get killed. There is a mako point, then a cave at the end of the path, go through the mako point and enter the cave. Now you get to face another enemy - gigantic, prehistoric looking bugs. Not your average common or garden variety of bugs at any rate. Shoot them to kill them, sometimes you can knock them over onto their back, shoot them while they're uselessly waving their legs around and on their backs because their stomach is a weak spot. Weirdly enough, these bugs also attack DeepGround soldiers as well as you, but make sure it's you who kills the DeepGround soldiers so you get the experience points.

Continue through the cave until you get to the precipice, a sheer drop that leads you to a whole load of enemies. Start picking them off from your lofty height to get you less trouble once you're down there.

Once you're down from the cliff, you've accidentally triggered off a swarm of bugs, all intent on getting to you. Notice those explosive barrels? Make sure that a crowd of them are nearby one, then shoot it to annihilate a lot of them. The camp also has a few boxes and they contain weapons and items, so destroy the boxes, get the items, make sure you've killed everything in sight (there's a bug in a crate here), use the shop machine nearby if you like and continue onwards.

Reach the base, you'll be given a mission to destroy all the DeepGround soldiers, and soon afterward another mission to destroy all the helicopters attacking the WRO Headquarters. There are 15 aeroplanes, so jump onto the mounted machine gun and take as many as you can down. Some come directly at you, others from behind, and the last ones come in groups. After the last one has gone down, aim towards where you first came. You'll get a mob of DeepGround soldiers with large blade weapons. Kill them all to get the card key, keep using the machine gun to do this if you like - the sword-armed soldiers can prove to be tough in large gangs.

Head north, destroy the box to get the hidden mako point and open the laser gate.

Inside the base you can find a shop jukebox and a mako point, out from here there are loads of DeepGround soldiers, some snipers too, and the WRO troops are fighting them - help the WRO troops! Go through the only door open to proceed (it's on the left and front part of where you are, the further end), there are a few DeepGround soldiers in here, but there's also an explosive barrel and a WRO troop. Don't shoot the barrel, as you'll likely kill the WRO troop too - just focus on killing the DeepGround soldiers.

Exit this area to again face some more beasts, snipers and DeepGround grunts, kill them all to get the cardkey and proceed to the underground bit that's after the laser gate. This area has a load of soldiers as well (some are on the upstairs part), shoot them down, there's also a mako point, items and gil in the front-right part of this section.

Run up the stairs for a boss fight...

Boss: Black Widow II[edit]

She's back and badder than ever! But now she's been given more fire power and has minions of her own. Get rid of the DeepGround contingent surrounding, one of the female members will drop a gun enhancer for you upon her demise which will increase your long-range accuracy.

A good tactic for the Widow is to fight it from afar. Keep well away from her, all the while shooting, so she'll only use her laser on you - which is easy to dodge, but very powerful (so make sure you don't get hit by it!). It sometimes tries to get you with rockets, so dodge them or shoot them before they get to you, and also with a machine gun, but the gun only deals a small amount of damage.

Part Two[edit]

After defeating the Widow, go into the WRO Headquarters. Kill all the DeepGround soldiers, take the items they drop and are hanging around, and the mako point. Just progress towards the marked area (in the north-east) on the map.

Watch the cutscenes, and that's it for this Chapter.


Destroy the Choppers Attacking the Headquarters![edit]

  • There are 15 choppers in total.
  • Use the nearby machine gun to shoot them down.

Save the WRO Members![edit]

  • There are 12 WRO members in this chapter.
  • Kill the enemies near the WRO members.