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This is probably the shortest and easiest Chapter in the entire game. There are no memory capsules, guns, bosses, anything... just a Chapter of cutscenes and a few cameo appearances from FFVII characters. Therefore, without further ado:


You end up aboard the Shera, and when you have control of Vincent, have a chat to the crew if you like (this doesn't really help the chapter along, so you can skip talking to them if you like), head out the door and on your right is Yuffie, speak with her then continue right to the end of the hall. Go through the door, speak with Shelke, then leave and go along the hall until you see the door you just passed. Inside the room is a shop machine, so go get some gun upgrades if you like, then speak to Reeve to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene and when you have control again, speak to Cid twice, then speak again with Yuffie, and go visit Reeve (they're still in the same places). Chat to Reeve until Cait Sith tells you to go get some rest, go and speak with Shelke. After this, go past where Yuffie is, go through the door you haven't entered yet, and go down into the engine room. When you try to leave, another cutscene will occur. That's all for this Chapter!