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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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Playable characters[edit]

Vincent Valentine[edit]

Cait Sith[edit]

Cait Sith

Non-playable characters[edit]

Reeve Tuesti[edit]

Yuffie Kisaragi[edit]

Lucrecia Crescent[edit]

Cloud Strife[edit]

Barret Wallace[edit]

Tifa Lockhart[edit]

Cid Highwind[edit]

Shalua Rui[edit]

Shelke Rui[edit]

Shelke the Transparent, former villain

Grimoire Valentine[edit]


Azul the Cerulean[edit]

Rosso the Crimson[edit]

Rosso the Crimson

Rosso is one of the main villains in Dirge of Cerberus.

Nero the Sable[edit]

Weiss the Immaculate[edit]

leader of deepground. neros older brother

Omega WEAPON[edit]

G (Genesis)[edit]

Appears in the secret ending. calls Weiss his brouther. has an french/Japanese accent. has a wing on his left side