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  • Restores a small amount of HP


  • Restores a moderate amount of HP

Mega Potion[edit]

  • Restores a large amount of HP.


  • Restores all HP


  • Restores some MP


  • Restores all HP and MP

Phoenix Down[edit]

  • When used, it will revive Vincent to full health the next time he is KO'd.

Limit Breaker[edit]

  • Unleash the beast within! This item transforms Vincent into an entirely new limit break, the Gallian Beast. Upon turning into the Gallian Beast your HP is fully restored, defence is increased and you get devastating mellee attacks as well as the ability to throw balls of fire.

Red Potion[edit]

  • Restores a random amount of HP

Red Ether[edit]

  • Restores a random amount of MP.


  • Will fully restore HP and MP and also act as a Phoenix Down.


  • At first glance, this looks exactly like a potion, just misspelled slightly, but don't be fooled. Rather than restoring a small amount of HP, it will restore a minimal amount of HP. 1 HP, in fact. Sell this item quickly before you lower your chapter score by using it.
  • Restores 1 HP.

Moogle Dolls[edit]

  • Very rare items.
  • There is no use for these whatsoever, although they do sell for a nice sum of gil.