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Box artwork for Dirt Dash.
Dirt Dash
Year released1995
Japanese titleダートダッシュ
ModesSingle player
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Dirt Dash marquee

Dirt Dash is a racing arcade game, that was released by Namco in 1995; it runs upon the company's System 22 hardware, and the player must use a steering wheel, a gear shifter and two pedals to take control of one of three vehicles (which range from "easy" to "hard") on one of five tracks (snow, cliffs, jungle, hills and town) and complete a certain number of laps before a timer runs out. The player can start the game at any stage of the track (again, ranging from "easy" to "hard"), and the objective is to drive from one checkpoint to another under different driving conditions such as fog, darkness, gravel and falling rocks - however, each one of the tracks has unique obstacles (including creaking bridges, fallen trees and evil snowmen) and each vehicle reacts differently to cornering, climbing and damage (sometimes their doors or bonnets shall fly open after taking a hit, and other times a part shall fly off).

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