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Common Controls[edit]

Controls common to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Afternoon of Darkness, and DS

PS2/PSP DS Action
Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick Neutral dpad
  • Character movement
  • Cursor movement
Triangle button X button
  • Open Menu
Cross button A button
  • Confirm
Circle button B button
  • Close menu
  • Cancel movement
Square button Y button
  • Change page in Status screen
Square button+Neutral dpad Y button+Neutral dpad
  • Change direction character is facing in Area Map
R1 button R button
  • Rotate area map clockwise
L1 button L button
  • Rotate area map counter-clockwise
Select button Select button
  • Toggle display of Geo Panels

Additional Controls[edit]

L2 button Square button+L1 button Y button+L button
  • Zoom in and out on Area Map
R2 button Square button+R1 button Y button+R button
  • Move cursor to next character or object
  • End Game (Quit without saving)
Start button
  • Help
Select button+Neutral dpad
  • Switch between area map/character display
Start button Start button N/A


  • Functions for L1 button and R1 button can be changed in the Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Options Menu.
  • Functions for L button and R button can be changed in the Disgaea DS Options Menu

DS Touch Pad Controls[edit]

You can use the Stylus button to control the game. Most of the features mentioned in the Common Controls section can also be controlled with the Stylus thanks to a number of buttons displayed on the screen. Most of these buttons will be displayed along the right side of the screen, and have a small icon showing the button normally associated with the action, as well as some descriptive text or image telling you what the button will do.