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Depending on your actions during the course of the game, different endings are available. The following endings are obtainable by beating the last stage of the last chapter. If you meet the conditions for multiple endings, the one higher on the list will take precedence.

  • Clear the last stage having killed an ally.
  • Clear the last stage having passed more than 100 bills through the Dark Assembly by force.
  • Clear the last stage having defeated the Item God 1 or Item God 2 of a Legendary or Rare item.
  • Clear the last stage having killed no allies during the game.

The following endings must be obtained before completing the last stage.

The following endings are obtained by being defeated in battle.

  • Lose a battle against Mid-Boss, except for the final battle against him in Celestia. This will result in an New Game+
  • Lose any other battle.

New Game +[edit]

After the credits roll, you are given the option to save your game. When you load this game, you will begin the game over from the begining with all of your items and levels intact. Characters that join during the course of the game will not immediately be available, but when they join they will have all their items and level intact as well.

The following things do not carry over to the new game.

  • Dark Assembly proposals that add new things to the shops. Customer Rank and Shop Level are kept.
  • Dark Assembly proposals that unlock new areas.
  • Dark Assembly proposals that affect the next fight.
  • Number of allies killed.
  • Requirements for endings.

You can use the new game to go for an ending you missed your first time.