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PlayStation 2,Nintendo DS

Unlike most RPGs, items in Disgaea are complex entities in their own rights. They have a level, a rarity, may be inhabited by Specialists, which increase their power, and might be more or less powerful at a particular level because of actions taken while leveling them. All of these factors contribute to their potency. In addition, characters get different levels of benefit from the same item based on a number of factors.

Every character can hold four items. One must be a weapon (Wpn), and three must be from the "Etc" category. Monsters can only use Wpn-Monster weapons, and humanoids can use any Wpn except Wpn-Monster. Every item that a character holds can increase ten statistics of that character, and may have other effects:

39 Accelerator 200 1,000 3 30
40 Cosmic Blade 300 300 2,000 300 300 300 300 300

Above are the statistics for a very good pair of shoes and a very good sword, with the items at normal rarity, with no specialists, and at level 0. In practice you will never find items that have no specialists to start.

The only other type of item has the designation "Item" and is never equipped on a character: it is used by a character from inventory. These items are generally curative (restoring HP and/or SP), although they do have other uses.

Aside from characters, you have two places to keep items: the Item Bag and the Warehouse. The Item Bag can hold 16 items; the Warehouse can hold 256. The only times you can access items in the Warehouse are when using "Equip" or "Item" from the castle menu, or while buying/selling items at the shops in the castle. You can use or equip items from the Item Bag while in the Dark Assembly, in battles, at the Item World, and everywhere that you can use the Warehouse. To switch between the Warehouse and Item Bag, use Left dpad and Right dpad.

Formulas for Item Leveling[edit]

All numbers are related to individual statistics; in particular, the current number of specialists and the specialist counter are different for each stat that the item has.

  • n: Level (as shown in battle screen)
  • x: Item generals counter (global to the item)
  • b: Base stat of the item (stat of a Normal item)
  • c: Specialist counter
  • p: Number of specialists currently on the item
  • i: Initial stat of the item (stat of the actual item)
  • s=1 if i>0, -1 if i<0, or 0 if i=0

All numbers are computed/stored with high precision; however, numbers are rounded down to the nearest whole.

Skipping/clearing level n
  • adds s+i/20+i*x*b/200 to each stat
  • adds c*3/20 to each stat
Killing an Item General
  • adds s*b*(20+n)/200 to each stat
  • adds p*(3+n*3/20) to each stat
  • adds p to c for each stat
  • adds 1 to x
Killing an Item King
  • adds s*b*(20+n)*2/200 to each stat
  • adds p*(3+n*3/20)*2 to each stat
  • adds 2*p to c for each stat
  • adds 2 to x
  • adds 1 Specialist slot
Killing an Item God (2)
  • adds s*b*(20+n)*3/200 to each stat
  • adds p*(3+n*3/20)*3 to each stat
  • adds 1 Specialist slot [see note]

The death of an Item General or Item King is always calculated after the increase for the level that the General/King was on.

Note: no item can have more than 16 specialist slots.

What all of this math really means is that:

  • You should always kill Item Generals/Kings/Gods.
  • If you want an extra boost to an item's stats, leave a specialist on the item while leveling it. Each specialist is worth 270 extra points to whichever stat it boosts on a Legendary item, if left for all 100 floors and all Generals/Kings/Gods are killed.
  • If you want to maximize any particular stat on an item, you have to subdue and remove all of the native specialists before you defeat the first Item General. This will require using Mr. Gency's Exit before finishing floor B10. Once you have removed all the native specialists, but before you kill the first Item General, fill every slot on the item with specialists that boost whatever stat you are trying to maximize (e.g., to maximize ATK, fill the item with Gladiators). Then, go back into the item and proceed to level it, killing all Item Generals, Kings, and God. After killing each Item King, the item gains a specialist slot, so exit the Item World at that point and put another specialist on the item.
  • There is no difference between clearing and skipping floors, as long as you kill Item Generals/Kings/Gods.
  • If you level any item with a negative stat to level 100, that negative stat ends up being exactly -100.


There are three levels of rarity: normal, rare, and legendary. Below, the properties of each are listed.

  • Stat Bonus: Percentage increase of the first 8 stats on the item (HP, SP, ATK, INT, DEF, SPD, HIT, RES) over the charts below.
  • Initial Specialist Space: How many Specialists can inhabit the item, at level 0.
  • Display: How the name of the item will be displayed on lists.
  • Identifier: What shows up on the item screen to signify this rarity.
  • Rarity Number: What rarity numbers correspond to this rarity.
  • Item World Depth: How many levels exist in the item world within this type of item.
  • Notes: Any other information.


  • Stat Bonus: None
  • Initial Specialist Space: 4-6 (5-7 if it was a Bonus Gauge reward from an Item World stage)
  • Display: Flat black text
  • Identifier: None
  • Rarity Number: 32-255
  • Item World Depth: 30
  • Notes: Only normal items can be purchased from the shop in the castle.


  • Stat Bonus: +25% ((n * 5 / 4) rounded down)
  • Initial Specialist Space: 7-9 (8-10 if it was a Bonus Gauge reward from an Item World stage)
  • Display: Flashing silver text
  • Identifier: Rare
  • Rarity Number: 8-31
  • Item World Depth: 60


  • Stat Bonus: +50% ((n * 3 / 2) rounded down)
  • Initial Specialist Space: 10-12 (11-13 if it was a Bonus Gauge reward from an Item World stage)
  • Display: Flashing gold or blue text
  • Identifier: Legendary
  • Rarity Number: 0-7
  • Item World Depth: 100
  • Notes: Most Legendaries have gold text; Hyperdrive, Super Robo Suit, and Yoshitsuna have blue text and oversized icons.

Item Benefit[edit]

You may notice when equipping an item that you gain more or less benefit from that item than its listed stats. There are four reasons for this: Weapon Mastery, character level, stat aptitude, and identical rarity bonus.


Every class has aptitudes for each of the eight basic stats; these vary from 40% to 150% and show up on the character creation screen and on the character status screen. Aptitudes act as a multiplier to stat gains from items. For example, a level 1 character equipping a normal Muscle World (1,000HP) will get 500HP with a 50% HP Aptitude, 1,000HP with a 100% HP Aptitude, or 1,500HP with a 150% HP Aptitude. The adjustment for Aptitude is applied after all other modifiers.

Weapon Mastery[edit]

When equipping a non-monster weapon, you get a bonus to all the weapon's stats equal to the equipping character's Weapon Mastery for that weapon type times 5%. The formula is (weapon stat)*(1 + mastery*.05). The maximum Weapon Mastery is 255, so the maximum Mastery bonus is 1,275%, for a total maximum of 1,375%. According to some sources, the maximum Mastery bonus from specialists is 1,900%.

Character Level[edit]

For monster weapons and accessories, you get a bonus based on the level of the character. These bonuses do not normally apply until the postgame, since they do not start until level 100, but they become quite substantial at later levels. They are calculated by the following formulas (floor means rounded down):

Level Adjustment
0-100 None
101-500 stat * floor((lev + 100) / 2) / 100
501-2,000 stat * floor((lev + 1000) / 5) / 100
2001+ stat * floor((lev + 4000) / 10) / 100

The maximum level is 9,999, so the maximum level bonus is 1,399%, or just a little higher than the maximum Mastery bonus.

Identical Rarity[edit]

If a character has more than one item with the same rarity equipped, then all such items receive a boost in power. This works as a multiplier after weapon mastery and character level bonuses are applied. The multiplier ranges from 1.1 to 1.3, depending on how many items with identical rarity are equipped:

# Items Multiplier
1 1
2 1.1
3 1.2
4 1.3

For example, if a level 1 character equips a normal Nightvision and a normal Muscle Ace, that character will normally get +50 INT, +200 HIT, and +200 HP. However, if the Muscle Ace and Nightvision happen to have the same rarity number - for example, if they both have rarity 46 on the item status screen - then the character will get +55 INT, +220 HIT, and +220 HP, due to the identical rarity bonus (1.1).

Item Ranks[edit]

Each item is assigned a rank, which roughly determines how "good" the item is. Ranks go from 1 to 42, and they determine what level of enemies will be found in the item world for that item. Below are the LV+ ranks for level 1 from the "Go to Item World" screen:

Rank LV+ Rank LV+ Rank LV+ Rank LV+ Rank LV+
1 1 10 10 19 25 28 47 37 76
2 1 11 11 20 27 29 50 38 79
3 2 12 12 21 29 30 53 39 127
4 3 13 14 22 31 31 56 40 255
5 4 14 16 23 34 32 59 41 255
6 5 15 17 24 36 33 62
7 5 16 19 25 39 34 66
8 7 17 21 26 41 35 69
9 8 18 22 27 44 36 73

The levels listed are minimum levels. In general, the enemies on any given floor will be higher level than the LV+ number. Also, these numbers are for floor 1; later floors have more powerful enemies.

Hospital Items[edit]

The Hospital gives you prizes whenever you reach certain numbers for each HP, SP, and Dec (Deceased) healed.

HP Prize SP Prize Dec Prize
100 Muscle Brawn 50 Common Orb 5 Caterpillar Egg
400 Muscle Hustle 200 Psyche Orb 10 Charred Newt
1,000 Muscle Spirit 500 Dark Orb 25 Rooster Blood
2,000 Muscle Fight 1,000 Blood Orb 50 Snake Kidney
5,000 Muscle Ace 2,000 Star Orb 80 Bat soup
10,000 Muscle Victory 5,000 Moon Orb 120 Frog Sweat
40,000 Muscle Dream 10,000 King Orb 170 Immortal's pill
100,000 Muscle World 20,000 Holy Orb
200,000 Muscle Star 50,000 Chaos Orb

If you reach certain numbers for HP, SP, and Dec combined, you will get the more powerful seals.

Prize HP SP Dec
Imperial Seal 200 100 5
Dark Rosary 700 300 15
Devil Ring 2,000 1,000 40
Feather Token 5,000 2,000 70
Sofia's Mirror 10,000 5,000 110
Pravda Necklace 40,000 10,000 160
Royal Ring 100,000 20,000 220
Testament 200,000 50,000 300

Prinnies only cost 1 HL to heal to full health, even when dead. But, they do not increase the HP/SP/Dec counters.

For all others, the cost is calculated as follows:

  • Every HP 1/3 HL.
  • Every SP 2 HL.
  • Death 30 HL for each lvl + (Max HP * 2/3 HL)

So, if you want to save money, unequip the HP increasing items after death, but keep the SP increasers equipped. (After death, SP is free.)

Hospital Trick[edit]

There is a small, but very effective trick to use in the hospital. Do not pick the prize items until they are at least rare or have powerful specialists. Each time you leave and enter the hospital the prize items are rerolled. So, with some patience, all the hospital items can be rare items (rarity 8-31). Legendary items are not possible.

This trick is of course best on the different seal items, which are the most difficult to obtain in other ways.

Alternate Hospital Trick[edit]

Any time you have more than 1000 or so HL so can do one or more of these tricks to earn some more money.

Equip and remove HP boosting items to heal at the hospital, after a while you can earn 300,000HL+ from selling the muscles.

Equip and remove SP boosting items to heal at the hospital, after a while you can earn 300,000HL+ from selling the orbs.

With around 10 mana and less than 10 party members you can create 10 cheap mages or skulls, reduce their HP by creating them as good-for-nothing so they only have 4 HP or so(if you are lucky you can get 3HP), go out onto any easy map, bring out all your characters other than the witches and throw an enemy into the base, because these characters have such little HP they will be instantly wiped out, complete the map and heal for around 400HL, the hospitals prizes for healing deceased characters is so good using this method you should be able to earn a considerable level of profit in around half an hour.

Using all 3 of these tactics together can earn you Royal Rings and Testaments which can greatly boost your characters stats, using these items you can fly through the first half or so of the game before power leveling becomes readily available(and keep the items for training new characters).

There is another method, however, that doesn't require that you create useless characters. Since Humans (any non monster enemy) cannot be captured, and destroy the base panel, simply pick your strongest character, (or a character you have confidence in) and deploy them. After throwing the Human into your base panel, kill everything on the map, and you'll have plenty of dead friendlies to heal at the hospital.

Ultimate Items[edit]

The "ultimate" items of the game are very difficult to acquire, but worth it (and necessary to beat the most powerful enemy in the game).

For weapons, they are acquired by entering a Legendary item one level of power below of the same type, fighting to level 100, and stealing it from the Item God there.

Once you have any item of rank 40 or above, you can level it to 100, then steal another Legendary item of the same type from the Item God 2 at floor B100.

For example, an Item God may have stats similar to the following:

(No "More Difficult Enemies" bills passed)

  • Level: 6,933 [Fixed]
  • HP: 10,184,640
  • SP: 199,698
  • ATK: 186,416
  • DEF: 141,452
  • HIT: 147,000
  • INT: 176,816
  • SPD: 147,000
  • RES: 135,906
  • EXP: 36,643,537,935
  • NEXT: 10,573,275
  • Skills:
    • Omega Wind (Mastery 80)
    • Tera Ice (Mastery 80)
    • Star (Mastery 80)

Except for the level, you can expect these numbers to vary somewhat (+/-10%), but you need to be prepared before you attempt to kill (or steal from) Item God 2.

The ultimate items are:

  • Wpn-Axe: Apocalypse
  • Wpn-Fist: Ultimus
  • Wpn-Sword: Yoshitsuna
  • Wpn-Spear: Glorius
  • Wpn-Gun: Etoile
  • Wpn-Bow: Galaxy
  • Wpn-Staff: Omniscient Staff
  • Wpn-Monster: Nyanko Soul
  • Etc-Robot: Super Robo Suit
  • Etc-Engine: Hyperdrive

The Super Robo Suit can be stolen from Baal.

The Hyperdrive you get automatically from defeating an Item God 2.

Monster weapons are a little different. The rank 40 monster weapon is Nyanko Soul, which can be acquired at the end of a Lucifer Force, or can be taken from Majorly. There are also rank 41 and rank 42 monster weapons. The rank 41 is the Nemesis, which is a better weapon than Nyanko Soul, and can be stolen from Baal. The rank 42, Nemesis MK-II, is stolen from Prinny Baal, and has better base stats than the Nemesis--but it comes at level 100, and Baal apparently doesn't kill any Item Generals/Kings/Gods, nor does he subdue any specialists when leveling his items.

Except for the Longinus (Krichevskoy's favorite weapon can be received by speaking him him, as Longinus is an NPC outside the throne room, you need to be in the final mission and exit out of the dark assembly during a vote and talk to him at that point) there is no simple way to get a Legendary second-best item. The easiest way is to play around in high-level item worlds until you see one appear either on the Bonus screen or in some enemy's inventory. For reference, they are:

  • Wpn-Axe: Durandal
  • Wpn-Fist: God's Hand
  • Wpn-Sword: Cosmic Blade
  • Wpn-Spear: Longinus
  • Wpn-Gun: Infernal Gun
  • Wpn-Bow: Artemis Bow
  • Wpn-Monster: Lucifer Force
  • Wpn-staff: Galactic staff

See the Item World Strategies section for advice on how to deal with the Item World.

When stealing the Ultimate Items from Item Gods, do not use a mr.gency's exits on Floor 100. Doing so will cause you to lose the Item upon re-entry.

Maximum ATK[edit]

This section outlines the maximum ATK a character can have, prior to using Extra Gain and stat stealing.

The optimum character, somewhat surprisingly, is Thursday. This is surprising since Thursday cannot Transmigrate, and therefore misses out on Transmigration bonuses, and cannot equip the Yoshitsuna, which is, by far, the most powerful weapon in the game.

However, both of these flaws are vastly overcompensated by Thursday's 150% aptitude in almost all stats.

The most powerful weapon Thursday can equip is the Nemesis. (The Nemesis Mk II is better in theory, but since you steal it already leveled to 100, and Baal does not kill Item Generals/Kings/Gods, the Nemesis is actually better.)

To truly maximize the Nemesis, you have to get one with 13 specialist slots at level 0, subdue and remove all specialists before completing floor 10, and fill it with Gladiators. Then, after killing each Item King (and thereby adding another slot to the item), fill the new slot with another Gladiator. If you do this, it adds 3,888 ATK to the item.

The Nemesis at level 100 has 45,100 ATK, if you kill all Item Generals/Kings/Gods.

The Nemesis with 13 slots at level 0 will have 16 slots at level 100. These must all be filled by power 19,998 Gladiators. If you do all of this, then your Nemesis will have:

  • 3,888 (spec. bonus) + 45,100 (level 100) + 319,968 (specs) = 368,956 ATK

You must then do the same thing with 3 Legendary Champion Belts, making sure that each has 13 specialist slots at level 0 and that each has the exact same rarity number as the Nemesis.

  • 3,888 (spec. bonus) + 27,100 (level 100) + 319,968 (specs) = 350,956 ATK

Equip the Nemesis and all three Champion Belts on Thursday, at level 9,999:

  • (368,956 + 3*350,956) * 13.99 (level 9,999) * 1.3 (rarity bonus) * 1.5 (aptitude) = 38,788,069 ATK

Add Thursday's intrinsic ATK:

  • 10 (base stat) + 9,998 (level gains) * .45 (level gain multiplier) * 10 (base stat) = 45,001 ATK

For a grand total of 38,833,060 ATK.

The second-best character for ATK is Priere, and the third-best character for ATK is a Divine Majin. However, there is no known cap on the number of points that can be gained through Extra Gain and stat stealing, which makes these kinds of evaluations somewhat irrelevant. (Though it should be noted that, once it is set up, getting points through Extra Gain should be much faster than getting points through stat theft.)

The use for stat theft is that Extra Gain is limited to 1/10 of the stats gained by the strongest minion/student in a specific statistic. Therefore, either Thursday or Priere would get as much ATK as possible from a Divine Majin. At that point, they could get additional minions to boost their other stats and the only way to continue boosting ATK would be through stat theft.

At a certain point when the max number is reached it may all go down to 1.