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Your characters can be afflicted by five different status effects. These can be cured by the 'faerie dust' item, the 'Espoir' spell. Or in the case of poison in the hospital. It is possible to build up a resistance to these effects by having specialists.

Note, due to an error in the game, the Social Worker and Medicine Man's resistance bonuses are switched. The logical attributes would be to have the Social Worker give resistance to depraved.


The traditional fifth element. Poison lowers your hp each turn. Be careful, if you clear the level of opponents, it is still possible to lose the battle if your characters all perish by poison. The poison effect is still applied once. This can happen in promotion tests.

  • Countered by the Pharmacist specialist.
  • Added to attacks by the Alchemist specialist.


The character cannot act. Wears off after a set amount of turns.

  • Countered by the Coffee Maker specialist.
  • Added to attacks by the Hypnotist specialist.


Cannot move. But you can still attack and use special abilities. And you can still be warped by geo effects.

  • Countered by the Medicine Man specialist.
  • Added to attacks by the Witch Doctor specialist.


Cannot use special abilities. Normal moving and attacking is still possible.

  • Countered by the Psychologist specialist.
  • Added to attacks by the Amnesiac specialist.


This character will not gain any exp and lowers character's stats by about 10%.

  • Countered by the Social Worker specialist.
  • Added to attacks by the Gangster specialist.