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Most of the game's controls are the same whether the game is played on the PS2 or the PSP. The differences are noted in the second table.

Common Controls[edit]

Button Action
Cross button
  • Confirm selection
  • Open action menu for highlighted ally
  • View detailed information on highlighted enemy
  • Skip dialogue
  • Bring up commands
Circle button
  • Close menu
  • Cancel selection
  • Jump
Triangle button
  • Open main menu
  • Skip demo
Square button
  • Display movement area for selected character
  • Swap page on character status screen
Neutral lstick or Neutral dpad
  • Move cursor
  • Move character
Neutral dpad+Square button
  • Change facing of highlighted character
L1 button
  • Rotate camera counter-clockwise 90 degrees
R1 button
  • Rotate camera clockwise 90 degrees
Select button
  • Toggle Geo Panel display

Additional Controls[edit]

PS2 PSP Action
L2 button L1 button+Square button
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
R2 button R1 button+Square button
  • Move cursor to base panel, dimensional gate, or ally character who hasn't taken action