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Depending on how you play the game, several different endings can occur. The following are available by completing all thirteen chapters and defeating the final boss. If you meet the conditions for multiple endings, those higher on the list will occur. The Majin class can only be unlocked through these endings.

  • Evil Adell Ending - Adell has 100 or more Felonies, and has killed allies at least 100 times. Adell must have killed Rozalin at least once.
  • Bad Ending - Adell has over 10 Felonies, and has killed at least 50 allies.
  • Tink Ending - Defeat the final boss with Lv1000 or higher Tink.
  • Normal Ending - Defeat the final boss normally, without meeting any of the other requirements.

The following endings can only be obtained before reaching the final stage:

  • Axel Ending - Be defeated by Axel (aka Akutare) during any fight against him.
  • Mid-Boss Ending - In Episodes 1-3, pass the "I want to see the ending!" Dark Assembly bill. This opens up an extra stage where Vyers, (aka Mid-boss) is your opponent. Defeat him to earn this quick ending.
  • Etna Ending - Defeat Etna in Episode 3 of the story.
  • Laharl Ending - Defeat Laharl in Episode 11 of the story, or by passing the "Pick a fight with an Overlord" bill in Chapter 1 and defeating him in an extra stage the bill opens.

New Cycle[edit]

After each ending, a menu will come up asking if you want to save your game. Essentially, this will allow you to start the game over from the beginning with most of your achievements from the last cycle. Your current "cycle" will display in your save file on the save screen.

The following will carry over to new cycles:

  • Adell, Rozalin, and all generic characters, and their levels, stats, and equipment
  • All items
  • Tiers of all characters previously available for creations
  • Customer Rank and Shop Level
  • Felonies
  • Friday MKII and all unlocked Dark World stages

The following will not carry over to new cycles:

  • Passed Dark Assembly bills, other than Class-unlocking bills
  • Number of ally kills

Special characters obtained from story events or extra stages will not be available to use until you unlock them again, but they will still have the same equipment and stats from when you last saw them.