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In the opening cutscenes, Hanako will force her way into your group. When she first appears, her level is 12, and she carries a Wolf's Fang (Red), Leather Jacket (Armor), and Psycho Orb (Orb). Since Hanako doesn't use much SP, you may want to give the orb to another character.

Stage 5-1: Glutton's Hideout[edit]

Petite Orc (x4) Orc Captain (x2) Boggart (x4) Empusa (x3) Alraune (x2) Head Orc
Level Lv13 Lv13 Lv13 Lv14 Lv14 Lv16
Weapon N/A Goblin Claw (Red) The Sacrifice (Blue) The Sacrifice (Blue) The Sacrifice (Blue) Wolf's Fang (Red)
Armor 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Brawny Muscle (Muscle)
Armor 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Light Armor (Armor)
Special Orc Combo Lv1 Orc Combo Lv1 Tie Down Lv1 Hip Attack Lv1 Green Needle Lv1 Orc Combo Lv2

Geo Symbols - Blue Panels only

  • Blue Symbol "Encroach" on blue panels
  • Blue Symbol "Heal 20%" on blue panels
  • Blue Symbol "Enemy Boost +50%" on blue panels

This stage is much easier than it looks, and there's no real "trick" for victory. Several enemies (most notably the Boggarts) won't move in to attack, they'll just stay put until they can strike you from their current standing position. As long as you advance slowly, keep your fighters in the front and your mages in the back, and have at least one healing unit, victory should be assured.

After you've taken care of the Boggarts and Petite Orcs on the front lines, you should focus all your efforts on removing the "Enemy Boost +50%" Geo Symbol. Tower-throw a character towards it if you need to. As long as that's out of the way, the ever-expanding "Heal 20%" geo panels aren't a significant threat, as they benefit both you and your foes.

Of the remaining enemies, the two Alraunes will most likely approach first, because of their comparatively long attack range. Be prepared to defend against their Green Needle move, and attack them with physical attacks instead of spells. The remaining Empusas and Head Orc shouldn't be too difficult, as long as you gang up on each one and don't give them time to heal.

Stage 5-2: Eternal Oblivion[edit]

Petite Orc (x6) Petite Orc (x6)
Level Lv14 Lv14
Weapon Paw Glove (Red) - Pointy Bone (Red) Goblin Claw (Red) - Wolf's Fang (Red)
Special Orc Combo Lv1 Orc Combo Lv1

Geo Symbols - Purple Panels only

  • Purple Symbol "ATK +50%" on null panels
  • Purple Symbol "DEF +50%" on null panels

The way enemies are arranged here, it almost seems like a stage made for training. The Orcs won't attack until the turn after one of your characters enters their range, so keep that in mind as well. While Blade Rush, TInk's Sonic Roll, and Rozalin's Rose Thorns are effective against some groups, their Up/Down values and support panel requirements prevent them from being used on all four teams. Spells are the only attacks that can target all three members of each group. Even if you accidentally cause the Orcs to break formation before cue, you should be fine as long as you don't leave vulnerable mages in harms way. Lift them with more durable characters if you have to.

You can go around the corner and throw the boosting Geo Symbols onto the nearby panels, but the extra attack power would only be useful if your units stayed near to your Base Panel, so it would be a little pointless yo do so after the first two groups of Orcs are finished off.

Stage 5-3: Shriek of Death[edit]

Cu Sith (x4)
Level Lv18
Weapon Slimy Membrane (Red)
Special Wild Rush Lv1

Geo Symbols - Red and Blue Panels

  • Yellow Symbol "No Entry" on Blue Panels
  • Null Symbol "No Lifting" on Blue Panels
  • Red Symbol "Silence" on Red Panels
  • Red Symbol "Invincibility" on Red Panels

Axel: Dark Hero, currently at Lv20, will act as your ally for this fight. His attacks are very powerful, to the point where he can almost defeat one of the Cu Siths in a single strike, and he can easily defend against enemy attacks. He won't hold back his Shocking Soul special move if one of your characters is in the way, so watch out.

Disappointingly, there's no way to remove the Invincibility symbol without also getting rid of the No Entry symbol. (Well, technically if one of your characters had the Lv15 Weapon Mastry Fist Special Move "Rising Dragon", it could be possible, but their attack power would somehow have to be lowered to the point where it wouldn't destroy the Lv10 Geo Symbol. But, that's much more trouble that it's worth...) However, you have an infinite amount of turns before you have to remove the symbol and let the Cu Siths attack. Before they're let loose, you could buff your characters and arrange them into combo formations. When you're ready, destroy the Yellow symbol (it'll give more of a bonus than if you start with the null symbol) and Lift (or use a Tiger Charge attack) on the Invincibility symbol, then attack the Cu Siths.

If you wish to do so, you can place your characters on the red panels after the Cu Siths step off them, and then put the Invincibility symbol back its starting place to give your characters invincibility. These locations would be best for bow-wielders if the Silence Geo Symbol is still in place. Even if you don't use this tactic, the battle should be pretty easy with Axel on your side.

If you return to this stage later, Axel and and any Geo Symbols will be no where in sight, but all four enemies will remain exactly the same.

Stage 5-4: Dark Ruins[edit]

Petite Orc (x6) Alraune (x4) Boggart (x2) Orc Captain Cu Sith (x3)
Level Lv16 Lv16 Lv16 Lv18 Lv18 - Lv20
Weapon Goblin Claw (Red) The Dead (Blue) The Dead (Blue) Wolf's Fang (Red) Wolf's Fang (Red)
Special 1 Orc Combo Lv1 Tie Down Lv1 Green Needle Lv1 Orc Combo Lv1 Wild Rush Lv2
Special 2 Orc Attack Lv1 Ignition Lv1 Flower Dance Lv1 Orc Attack Lv1 N/A

Geo Symbols - Blue Panels Only

  • Blue Symbol "No Entry" on Blue Panels

Despite the setup, this stage is very simple. There's only one truly effective strategy: advance slowly and defensively. The enemies on this stage, excluding the two Lv18 Cu Siths, won't approach until one of your characters enters their attack range In the case of Alraunes, they will also approach if one of the enemies needs healing.

When possible, use the No Entry panels to your advantage; attack from a distance with mages, position your characters for team attacks while preventing foes from doing the same, etc. As always, keep an eye out for Alraunes' long-ranged and powerful Green Needle special move.

Your victory will cue the beginning of Episode 6: Coliseum.